What Makes Your Salon at Home Experience Perfect

Even small salons already have at least one page on some social media. Browse a lot, see photos of customer results, testimonials, experiences (and even the item above: products, brands, etc.). Search these media, on search engines, find as many references as possible about the available places! Another important item to consider in your research is the length of time the salon has existed, who has attended and what is their specialty. Now that you can choose the beauty salon at home you can find the best deals there.

Ask for opinion from acquaintances

Sometimes that friend you love did something very similar to what you want and it worked out great! It is worth taking the tip of the place she went to and having a sincere chat about her opinion and what precautions she took before and after the procedure. The more referrals you know, the better.

Do a self-assessment

You have already researched what you want to do, how to do it and even the salon. Now it’s time to ask yourself, is what I want possible?

There are some transformations that do not happen in a single visit to the salon and, here is a valuable tip: if a professional promises to do it, run away! Examples of procedures to take care of:

  • Who has bluish black hair and wants to switch to straight platinum blonde.
  • Who has red threads and wants to switch to green / blue.
  • Who has relaxed curls with calcium hydroxide and wants to straighten.

A good professional, before accepting you as a client, will list all possible risks and what is the reality to achieve the expected result. Ah! He will, if possible, perform a wick test to check the integrity of your yarn and how far it can go. Great deals are now there when it comes to beauty services at home.

If what you want to do is not going to be possible in just one day, trust and avoid the headache of having a chemical cut like that.

We all have this gf who has gorgeous hair and posts pictures of her mop on Instagram, so ask her who’s styling her. After all my attempts, word of mouth remains by far the best advertisement. You are already half conquered when your friend praises the merits of her awesome new hairdresser.

Read Google Reviews

Google reviews can give us a really good general idea for choosing a new salon. Go through the most important: consider the overall rating and the number of reviews. Although some reviews can sometimes be tinged with bad faith, they are usually quite credible. Also see if the salon responds to comments, it gives a good idea if they really consider their customers’ opinions.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Is the salon you covet up to your satisfaction? Will you feel comfortable mentioning a slight dissatisfaction or asking for a small correction if it seems necessary for your happiness? These are questions that you must ask yourself and that you can also ask when making an appointment. It is best if your hairdresser is open to returning to work as needed in order to maintain your confidence.

Request a consultation

Whether you like your current look or need a change, ask to have a twenty minute moment with being a future (potential) hairdresser. Prepare for this meeting by taking note of your hair history (cutting and coloring), your styling habits, the products you use. The more your hairdresser will know, the better he can direct you to good advice.

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