What Makes Protein Treatment Buzz In the Right Format

Regardless of the name, this is a less invasive reconstruction process for the wires. It diminishes the brittle appearance and seals the hair. It is carried out in a few steps, such as the elimination of previous residues, hydration with silicone, the loading of keratin and the finalization with the plate.

Capillary fiber reconstruction

This keratin fiber capillary reconstruction procedure is one of the most common and recommended techniques for extremely damaged hair. The process is intense, being done just like a hydration to introduce specific substances in the threads, such as other proteins and minerals. When it comes to protein treatment then it is for sure that you will be getting the best options present now.

Here, a special brush is made after applying the liquid keratin over the length of the strands, ending with the ceramic plate. The goal is to restore hydration, leaving the hair beautiful and strong.

Is excessive use of keratin harmful?

When there are no vulnerabilities, aggressions or damage to the hair and overexposure to products based on keratin occurs, there may be a stiffness in the hair, triggering losses, such as dryness and breaks.

For this reason, respect the guidelines on the use of this product, ensuring a minimum application interval, in order to guarantee safety and quality for your hair and procedures. After all, everything in excess is not legal, right?

Now, you already know everything about the importance of keratin in hair. Knowing more about the benefits of its use is more than a differential for beauty, it is an attitude of self-care.

When is professional treatment with keratin indicated?

Taking care of hair with keratin has many advantages for the strands. However, for the success and the adequacy of the procedure, it is essential, initially, to identify their condition.

For example, chemical procedures, such as straightening, coloring, dyeing and relaxing, fell in favor of women. Thus, hair that has suffered from these aggressive procedures often needs greater care because they are vulnerable. Go for the protein treatment dubai option in this case.

However, professional treatments based on keratin can also reverse other frames of hair compromised, for example, by different chemical processes, damage from day to day or, still, due to the lack of time for hair care.

Trust your instincts

Finding a new hairdresser isn’t just about talent, it’s about connection. If you don’t feel comfortable speaking, or if you feel like your hairstylist is not listening, you probably won’t be happy with the end result. When you call to make an appointment, tell them it’s your first time and that you want to speak with the stylist first. You should feel listened to and considered from the first phone call. The entire team should help increase your confidence in your new salon.

For the more reserved, no experimentation at the first meeting

Let confidence set in. If this is your first time with a new hairstylist, maybe now is not the time to do a mega-metamorphosis if you are more anxious by nature. You need to work with your hairstylist to build confidence and get into a rhythm with confidence.

Hairdresser and colorist

Remember that hairdressers want to make you look good and beautiful, and want to make you happy! A hairdresser who still has his passion for his profession, it shows! And a team that also takes the satisfaction of its customers to heart. So when the time comes to change salon, think about all these aspects to make an informed choice.

For a woman, there is nothing more difficult than choosing a dress to go to a wedding. Since she is invited, she must be radiant and sublime. The choice of hairstyle is no less, since it will also determine its beauty. The hairstyle must also be in perfect harmony with the dress, in order to guarantee a chic and glamorous result.

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