Aloe Vera Facial Cleanser with Tea Tree Oil

Aloe vera is a cactus family plant that is thick in appearance. It absorbs water and stores it for a long period of time which makes it soft. It contains the gel-like material inside it which is obviously the mixture of water with its natural element.

Aloe Vera Plant and Its Uses

The use of aloe vera in the beauty industry is what has made it famous. Aloe vera scrub and aloe vera facial cleanser is used by women in their daily skin regime.

Skin is like a baby. It needs to be looked after every now and then. And keep on doing things to make it happy. Make your skin happy is not so difficult as it is portrayed by beauty bloggers.

If you cannot go for expensive products, you can just keep your skin fresh by drinking a lot of water and taking care of your skin.

Furthermore, aloe vera can be used in
• Raw aloe vera for skin
• Moisturizers.
• Sunburns to give the affected area a cooling sensation.
• To keep the skin smooth, it is used creams and lotions

Aloe Vera in Cooking

Aloe vera is not harmful to eat. It is beneficial for the body as it plays a role in sugar management. That is why many diabetic people take aloe vera in a day.
It can also be cooked with mince. Mince cooked in Aloe vera is not so common but beneficial for joints in the winter season. In Asia, aloe vera is cooked with vegetables to increase immunity and be active.

It tastes bitter with some vegetables. Or you can feel it to be tasteless with mince.
Moreover, raw and fresh aloe vera cut from the plant can be as beneficial as the cooked form.
It is taken from the plant and applied to the face, arms, hands, feet, and body. It will leave your skin with a smooth effect. You can apply aloe vera on one side of the face and can feel the difference. The side with aloe vera on it will be smoother and shinier as compared to the side where aloe vera is not applied.

Tea Tree Oil Toner with Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is also mixed with many other things to enhance its effect. It can be mixed with coconut oil and applied to hair. It helps the hair grow faster and healthier.

Moreover, it can be mixed with tea tree oil to neutralize the oil’s intensity. The mixture is then applied to the face and hands to get it smoother.

Tea tree oil is very beneficial for skin as well as for hair. It is believed that it can reduce the problem of acne on your face too. It is an oil with natural bacteria-killing properties. That is why it can be best for acne-prone skin types.

Moreover, tea tree oil is usually mixed with aloe vera to decrease its intensity. Which otherwise can cause allergic reactions on the skin. You can apply the mixture to the face and pat it dry. There isn’t a need to wash it off.

As both the ingredients are good for the skin, they should be applied and absorbed by the skin for better results. Tea tree oil with aloe vera is a simple and basic way to keep your skin healthy and smooth.

Aloe vera and tea tree oil also share some common properties which are being anti-inflammatory and cleansers in nature. They not only cleanse the skin but also makes it lovely and adorable.

You can use the mixture daily for keeping your skin game strong. But as the tea tree oil is expensive to buy, you can apply the mixture twice or thrice a week. It also works for scars and wrinkles. Applying it is a treat for blemishes too.

It is not only a massage or mask but also a package and easy care of your skin. If you do not have aloe vera, you can use tea tree oil toner for skincare. It will cause the skin to be bacteria-free and fresh with a smooth texture and appearance.

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