Which Is Best Crypto To Buy

Which Is Best Crypto To Buy

Which Is Best Crypto To Buy – Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, BNB coin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitgert, Centcex

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January 25, 2022

Crypto To Buy

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If planning to make some good investment in the crypto market, one of the critical things to get right is the crypto project. The best crypto to buy has an impressive project that can disrupt the crypto industry. That’s what makes an ideal crypto investment that will explode and maintain high growth for a longer time. The list below contains some of the best cryptocurrencies of 2022, but which one would be the best to buy today? Read more here:



We have put Bitgert on this list because we believe it is one of the best cryptocurrencies in the market today. Several factors make Bitgert an ideal crypto investment, but the disruptiveness it will in the industry is what stands out. The Bitgert is building a decentralized payment system that enables users to pay, lend and earn. It is a p2p platform.

But what makes this project different from other crypto projects is a centralized exchange and a zero gas-free blockchain. No other crypto project has a gasless blockchain, and thus Bitgert will be the only solution to the costly gas fee. This is how disruptive the project is. Therefore, Bitgert is one of the top best crypto coins to buy today. Check out more info on the Bitgert website.



If you are looking for a crypto project with huge potential, Centcex is one of the cryptocurrencies to consider. There are a number of reasons as to why buying Centcex is the best decision. First, the team is developing an unlimited number of cryptocurrency applications. The Centcex products come high incredible features that will attract millions of users/

On the other hand, Centcex is offering investors 100% APY of the product revenue as a staking reward for the staked token. With the Centcex lab releasing an unlimited number of products, the project offers passive income from staking. Already, the exchange is in the advanced stages of production. Check out the Centcex website for more info.


Shiba Inu

Another good crypto investment to consider is the Shiba Inu. This is one of the cryptocurrencies that have proven it can explode. It exploded in 2021 and has everything to explode in 2022. The team is working on a better ecosystem that addresses issues raised by the community. The coming of the Doggy DAO is one of the biggest improvements on the Shiba Inu project.

With the Shiba Inu community will now voting on the key issues, whale the whale influence significantly reduced by the DAO, this will be one of the most attractive crypto coins of 2022. Already, the cryptocurrency is growing faster from the plunge, which shows investors have trust in it. The team is planning to have NFT in the Shiba ecosystem.



Dogecoin is another good cryptocurrency to consider buying. This is one of the digital currencies doing very well in the market. The Dogecoin team has been making fast moves that are increasingly getting the cryptocurrency into the real world. The fact is that Dogecoin is one of the cryptocurrencies widely adopted as payment currencies globally.

The recent acceptance of Dogecoin by Tesla was a big milestone and has seen the value of the coin increase. But the Dogecoin team has also invested in very impressive marketing. The use of Elon Musk as the face of the coin is really getting Dogecoin into the market. Vitalik Buterin is also part of the team of advisors, which also had a big impact on the cryptocurrency. It is also a good buy.


Binance coin                    

Another cryptocurrency making a good buy in the market today is the Binance coin. Binance is one of the top five cryptocurrencies by market value but has also been doing well in the market. Though the Binance coin has been plummeting, it is one of the coins expected to grow large once the market stabilizes. The growing demand for the BNB is the reason why buying this coin would be the best decision.

The Binance coin growth in 2022 is expected to push up to above $614. This is a figure that will make today’s investors make huge income from this coin. The growing number of  BSC projects and the NFT market places are some of the factors that might make this coin grow.



Ethereum has been around for a very long time and qualifies to be one of the oldest and most disruptive projects. The crypto project introduced smart contracts, and that’s why it is one of the biggest crypto coins. The Ethereum team has the plan to change this blockchain to one of the biggest and best blockchains. This is through the ongoing Ethereum protocol upgrade, also called Serenity Upgrade.

The completion of the upgrade will do a lot of things, including increased transaction speed and security. The Ethereum network will be cheaper to transact on, and this will attract more users, including dApp developers. That’s what makes Ethereum one of the best crypto to buy.



Bitcoin has been a factor that greatly determines the growth of other coins. This is because of the huge market value this cryptocurrency has. Bitcoin is projected to bite the $100k mark in 2022. With the currency Bitcoin ATH being $68k, it is possible to push it to 100k.

Bitcoin is currently trading at around $36,000, which means a more than 100% increase by the end of this year. So buying BTC right now might be the best decision based on the market projections. Bitcoin continues adoption as currencies business is another that will drive a bullish BRC.

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