What's Next For Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, BNB coin, Ethereum, Bitcoin?

What’s Next For Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, BNB coin, Ethereum, Bitcoin?

by Analytics Insight

January 31, 2022


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2022 will see the crypto industry grow bigger in terms of the number of crypto projects and the development of blockchain technology. Looking at the roadmaps revealed by most cryptocurrencies, there is no doubt that this will be one of the biggest years for this industry. So what is next for the cryptocurrencies in this list? Well, these are some of the cryptocurrencies to watch in 2022, and here is what’s coming up next.



The biggest thing that the Bitgert team has done so far is releasing multiple products in a very short time. This is what the crypto community can expect from Bitgert. The team will be releasing the Brise exchange in Q1. The development of the Bitgert CEX is in the advanced stages, with its UI and database structure already complete.

The next thing coming up from Bitgert is the listing on a tier-1 exchange, which could be KuCoin or Gate.io. There is also a high possibility that the Bitgert iOS wallet will go live soon as all the legal documents have been submitted. The gas blockchain is also launching sometime this year. These are just some of the Bitgert development coming up.



A look at the Q1 2022 Centcex roadmap shows one of the crypto projects doing very well this year. What’s coming up next for Centcex is the cryptocurrency exchange. This will be the first Centcex product the team is working on. The exchange is already in the advanced levels of development. The Centcex team has just released news about the completion of the exchange UI and the database.

In Q1 2022, the team has also put the staking program as one of the products to release. This is one of the key products that will usher in the staking process, one of the most widely anticipated products. The Centcex 100% APY rewarding revenue is one of the biggest attractions for investors. The Centcex team will be offering more updates.


 Shiba Inu

There is so much to expect from the Shiba Inu project, especially with the current development of the Shiba. The team has already released the ShibaSwap, which is doing well, but many products are coming up soon. The Shiba Inu team has announced the ongoing plans for launching the Doggy DAO. The DAO will decentralize the network further and reduce the whales’ manipulations.

The recently announced Shiberse is one of the biggest products that the Shiba Inu team announced recently. This is one of the products that is getting the Shiba project to the metaverse. There is still a lot coming about the metaverse, but it will be one of the biggest products if it launches this year. The Shiba community can expect the $SHIB to do well with all these developments.



The Bitcoin phenomenon could be happening again this year and see the value of Bitcoin increase by a huge percentage. The current price prediction is $100,000, and this means buying Bitcoin today might give you over a 150% increment of the investment by the end of 2022. There is a lot coming up for Bitcoin, but the said regulation of the cryptocurrency is going to play a critical role in it. The US and Russia have shown interest in regulating crypto, with BTC being the main target.

But the Bitcoin team is also pushing for more adoption of this cryptocurrency. This has been seen by the increasing number of merchants worldwide that are accepting Bitcoin payments. There is also an increasing number of countries showing interest in accepting Bitcoin after El Salvador. Therefore, a lot may be coming up soon.



The second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is on a path of redeeming itself amid the tough competition from newcomers like Solana, Cardano, and many others. Despite implementing the first smart contract, Ethereum is also having difficulty achieving the most competitive scaling, security, and decentralization features. This is why the next big thing for Ethereum is the protocol upgrade.

The Ethereum 2.0 is the platform upgrade that is going to remove the stigma of the blockchain being slow and expensive. The team is now implementing the second phase, which includes the PoS protocol migration. Ethereum users are already enjoying a new hash rate ATH due to the PoS effect. Therefore, the Ethereum platform upgrade still remains the next big thing.



The next thing for Dogecoin must be increased coin adoption by bigger merchants that will make an impact. The recent Twitter jokes by Elon Musk about McDonald’s accepting Dogecoin could have shown the team’s direction. But this can become a reality considering that $DOGE is already accepted by big companies like Tesla as payment for merchandise.

With the growing popularity of Dogecoin, many products and projects might be coming from the team. Many DeFi projects are entering NFT and metaverse industries. Therefore, Dogecoin has the potential to head in that direction. However, Dogecoin adoption looks like what the team is working on right now.


Binance coin

Binance is probably one of the most active exchanges in the market today. The number of crypto to crypto transactions has been rising. The number of new tokens on the exchange this year has been growing fast. This is why Binance coin has been among the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies. The demand created by the transactions is what makes this coin more valuable.

What is coming next in Binance coin is more new projects on BSC. The Binance exchange will be growing larger as the number of users and transactions increases. The value of the Binance coin will explode immediately after these two factors combine. That is why BNB is still one of the best crypto coins of 2022.

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