What Is Encryption? | Common Types of Encryptions

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March 7, 2022

types of encryptions

If the idea of encryption is new to you, this information will allow you to out

One of many best methods to attain optimum safety on-line is thru encryption. If the idea of encryption is new to you, this information will allow you to out. Learn on to grasp what encryption is and the commonest sorts of encryption.


What Is Encryption?

Once you ship any info or information over the web to a different individual, it goes by a series of “public” web community gadgets everywhere in the world, every working as a part of the “public” web community.

As a result of your information travels over the general public web, there’s risk that it is perhaps intercepted. Encryption is a time period that refers to any of the processes used to safe info in at this time’s digital world. You need to use sure software program/{hardware} like a military-grade encryption VPN to guard and safe your personal information even additional if want be.

In technical phrases, your shared info is encrypted; it’s transformed into an unreadable type. The unreadable information is decoded and made readable to the desired recipient solely after the individual has obtained it on the different finish. All of that is made attainable by a digital “key,” which I’ll undergo within the following part.

Encryption is a technique of defending information by stopping third events from interfering with it. It could be carried out at any level within the information circulate, not restricted to at least one location.


Widespread Varieties Of Encryption

Triple DES

Triple Information Encryption Algorithm (or Triple-DES) is an uneven encryption algorithm. It’s a extra sophisticated model of a DES block cipher, which previously required a 56-bit key.

Because the identify implies, TDES encrypts information utilizing a 56-bit key thrice, leading to a 168-bit key. When encrypting the info, it employs three levels of operation:

1. Encrypt

2. Decrypt

3. Re-encrypt

As a result of it encrypts thrice, it’s significantly slower than different types of encryption. It additionally encrypts information in shorter block sizes, making it easy to decrypt the info all through the entire encryption course of. Because of this, there’s an elevated probability of knowledge theft. It has all the time been the preferred and extensively used encryption methodology. Nonetheless, earlier than numerous modified variations of encryptions emerged, it was essentially the most prompt and extensively utilised algorithm.



The Superior Encryption Commonplace (AES) is a symmetric encryption methodology that makes use of the Rijndael algorithm. It encrypts one fixed-size block at a time with a block cipher.

It could possibly encrypt information in 128-bit or 192-bit modes, however the most attainable key size is 256 bits. Numerous rounds are used to safe each bit. For instance, 10 rounds are used for 128-bit encryption, whereas 12 rounds are required for 192-bit encryption.

As a result of it was produced by the US Nationwide Institute of Requirements and Know-how, it’s thought-about one of the crucial efficient encryption algorithms. It’s additionally one of the crucial safe encryptions because it makes use of a single personal key.


RSA encryption is a symmetric algorithm that makes use of two keys:
  • Public key for encryption
  • Personal key for decryption

AES is essentially the most extensively used symmetric encryption algorithm and works on a 1024-bit key size. It could possibly, nevertheless, use a 2048-bit key size. This suggests that the longer the important thing dimension, the extra slowly encryption proceeds.

It is likely one of the most sturdy encryption sorts, because it makes use of a bigger key dimension. It’s additionally recognized to be one of the crucial safe encryption strategies up till now as a result of it’s essentially the most safe encryption methodology ever created.

RSA makes it notably troublesome for hackers to interrupt into methods because it makes use of massive keys.



One of many newer encryption strategies is Format Preserving Encryption (FPE). It encrypts your information in the identical manner. For instance, when you have encrypted your password utilizing six letters, 5 digits, and 4 distinct characters, the ensuing output shall be a singular mixture of codecs.

In different phrases, for those who make use of this encryption methodology, your plain textual content after encryption will maintain its format.

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