Top 10 Uprising Home Automation Systems of 2022

by manasa.g

February 2, 2022

Home Automation Systems

Home Automation is making lives easier and smarter. Here are the top uprising home automation systems

Home automation is making life more comfortable and simpler. Home automation converts your home into a smart home. It makes lives compact by connecting appliances to a device. You can control your home appliances through an app on your phone or voice. For instance, Alexa, Google Assistance, etc are some of the famous voice assistants. For a better understanding, home automation is nothing but a system that is a combination of hardware and software via a wireless network through which we can control home appliances, it can be done through an app on the mobile, tablet, or a specific automation control hub system. The devices can be controlled even when you are not at home. The home automation systems can control various things such as appliances, doors, garages, blinds, watering systems, house alarms, lights, thermostats, energy savers, and many.

For example, Amazon Echo, Google Nest Hub, Wink Hub 2, Samsung Smartthings, Apple Homekit, Bond Home Automation Hub, Amazon Hub System, Sense Energy Monitor, Ring Doorbell Pro, Aqara SHSK-T01, Hue smart hub, Hubitat Elevation Home Automation, Logitech, and many others.


The Home Automation Systems Includes

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo which is the top most popular hub system gives top-notch home automation services. You can control the devices through the Amazon Alexa app or with your voice too. Alexa makes things happen in a single request and makes it simpler and easier. Amazon Echo can guard your home, can control all your appliances.


Google Nest Hub

The google nest hub which has a 10-inch display and camera makes it a smart display and also offers a bigger sound than usual hubs. You can watch videos on YouTube, listen to songs, watch movies on OTT apps. You can connect your google nest hub with all your appliances and work smartly and comfortably.


Amazon Hub System

Amazon hub systems are usually available in apartment complexes which is a worldwide network that collects Amazon packages. It also pickups packages from UPS, FedEx, The U.S. postal service. It is a smart move as of today’s generation people are way too busy to collect things and all but Amazon has come up with this which will help many people.


Wink Hub 2

It is the first smart home hub that has been designed for the mainstream consumer. It has various features such as sporting industry-leading protocol support, a sleek design, enhanced connectivity, and many security features. Wink Hub connects one’s home faster, secure, and reliable.


Samsung SmartThings Hub

This smart hub lets consumers easily control and monitor the home from anywhere and everywhere. It can connect a wide range of smart devices and you can control them through the SmartThings app. This hub can connect to different appliances such as smart locks, lights, outlets, thermostats, and many more.


Apple HomeKit

This homekit acts as a commander for the home that includes iPad, HomePod, Mac Book, Apple TV, and others. All you need to do is to sign in with the existing Apple ID. One can run these appliances or gadgets entirely through Apple’s Home App.


Bond Home Automation Hub

This home automation hub can control up to 30 ceiling fans, fireplaces, and shades and you can control them through Bond Home App. Olibra is the company behind this home automation hub.


Ring Doorbell Pro

Ring Doorbell Pro is one of the best home automation security systems. By setting up this you can watch, listen, and even speak to people who are at the door even when you are not at home.


Hubitat Elevation Home Automation Hub

This home automation system can control over 200 home devices and appliances. This hub works via a local processor which means this hub can even without internet.


Hue Smart Hub

Hue Smart Hub is one of the most trusted hubs under Philips which is a renowned company. Through the Hue app, you can control 50 lights around the home and also other Philips products like a dimmer switch, motion sensor, etc.

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