Top 10 Python Interview Questions Recruiters are Fond of in 2022

by Disha Sinha

February 1, 2022

Python interview questions

Python interview questions are essential to know before sitting for an interview in 2022

Python programming language is currently one of the trending and important programming languages across the global tech market. Aspiring programmers or coders are highly interested to work with this programming language, even in other professions related to advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, data science, and so on. Yes, it is overwhelmed to think about what to expect on Python questions from recruiters. Recruiters with Python are always known for questioning tricky questions as well as project-related topics to freshers and experienced candidates. There are multiple interview questions on Python to ask in an interview to pull out the cream applicants for a reputed company. Thus, let’s explore some of the top ten Python interview questions that recruiters want to ask in an interview in 2022.


Top ten Python Interview Questions

1. What are the important benefits of Python?

This is one of the important Python questions from recruiters regarding the basic understanding of this programming language. One needs to have a clear concept of the reasons for companies to use Python instead of other languages such as JavaScript, C++, R, and many more.


2. What do you know about interpreted language?

Since a candidate must have knowledge of the fundamentals of this programming language, it is common for recruiters to go deep into the concepts. Thus, a brief description of an interpreted language is one of the Python interview questions for beginners or freshers in this domain.


3. Explain the basic differences between lists and tuples.

Python interview questions on data types of the programming languages are one of the favourite Python questions from recruiters. They need to know whether candidates know the differences between lists and tuples as well as explain the terms such as mutable and immutable.


4. Make a list of the common built-in data types in this programming language.

Recruiters with Python knowledge expect candidates to know more about the common built-in data types in this programming language. There are multiple categories of built-in data types to work while creating an application. This can include none type, a numeric type, sequence type, mapping type, set type, and so on.


5. What is _init_?

This interview question on Python from recruiters is to test whether the concepts are clear with minute details on this programming language. _init_ is known as a constructor method in Python to help in distinguishing methods as well as attributes.


6. What is PEP 1/PEP 8/PEP 586/PEP 673/PEP 484?

Candidates should know about different kinds of PEP as well as its different versions such as PEP 1/PEP 8/PEP 586/PEP 673/PEP 484 because they can expect these kinds of Python questions from recruiters. Recruiters need to test the concepts of Python and how much one has learned from any certificate course or hands-on experiences.


7. Describe the Python namespaces.

It is one of the interesting Python interview questions from recruiters. Namespaces are important in this programming language to assign to each object efficiently. Candidates must know about the dictionary and types of namespace available in this programming language to impress recruiters with Python knowledge.


8. What are the differences between .py and .pyc?

One of the common Python questions from recruiters is differences in concepts or terms. They need to know whether one has a deep understanding of the concepts and terms related to the programming language. Knowing the differences is important for different applications or projects. .py and .pyc are Python files as source code and bytecode respectively.


9. Mention all the necessary keywords in Python.

Asking about necessary keywords is one of the important Python interview questions to ask candidates in an interview. Keywords have special meanings to define any variable or function names efficiently. There are total of 33 keywords for candidates to know before sitting for an interview.


10. What are the new features added in the latest version of Python 3.10.2?

One of the interesting Python questions from recruiters is asking for details about the latest versions of the programming language. It is necessary for candidates to be aware of the latest or recent programming language versions to provide a prompt answer without taking much time in an interview.

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