The 8 Best Job Sites to Find Freelance Writing Jobs Online

The 8 Best Job Sites to Find Freelance Writing Jobs Online

Passionate about writing for a living? With the growing popularity of side hustles and remote work, freelance writing is one of the great jobs to have if you’re a skilled communicator who has a way with words.

In this article, we share the best free job boards for you to land freelance writing jobs online.

upwork find work webpage

Formerly known as Elance-oDesk, Upwork is the global marketplace for freelancing. On Upwork, you can find many businesses and individuals looking to outsource content writing.

There’s a job for every single sub-specialization of freelance writing out there: blog writing, translation, editing, and more. Unfortunately, the pay for the majority of Upwork jobs can be quite low. Hence, you might have heard of its bad reputation as a content mill.

However, it’s a good place for beginners to get into the grind of pitching, learn to communicate with clients, and overcome the initial imposter syndrome that comes with freelance writing.

problogger jobs webpage

Established by long-time blogger Darren Rowse, ProBlogger seeks to help level up your career as a freelance writer. Prospective clients posting job ads on ProBlogger include content agencies, business owners, and web publishers.

Most jobs fall into the category of SEO article writing and copywriting. Generally, the pay offered by job postings ranges from mid-low to high. This usually depends on how established the client is.

Overall, ProBlogger is a valuable place for you to gain more (and better) clients as well as build your portfolio. With multiple new jobs added almost every day, both beginners and experienced writers can find one that suits their specialization and niche.


bloggingpro jobs webpage

BloggingPro is very similar to ProBlogger and another great source for freelance writing jobs online. You can expect to find the same types of clients on this job site. However, you’re more likely to see occasional job postings from popular sites like BuzzFeed and Bustle. There are also more postings from businesses that are looking to secure full-time writers.

The pay is mid-low to high, depending on the size of the company. With new jobs added a few times a week, there are opportunities for both beginners and experienced freelance writers.

freelance writing gigs webpage

From Monday to Friday, Freelance Writing Gigs posts a list of well-paying jobs and organizes the links by type: content writing, copywriting, proofreading, and more. They’re usually curated from general job sites like Indeed, so you don’t have to go to different job boards and filter through them yourself.

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The pay of the curated jobs ranges from mid to high. The site also posts educational blog posts to help you get better at freelance writing, such as tips on how to deal with clients.

If you want to save time that day, doing a quick check-in at Freelance Writing Gigs lets you have an overview of the latest job ads. It’s a helpful site for both beginners and experienced writers alike.

work for impact webpage

Work For Impact is a Certified B Corporation and a job site to connect cause-driven individuals with purposeful organizations. Since you’re going to spend a lot of time working, why not search for freelance writing jobs online here and work with a client that contributes to social good?

The content jobs listed are mainly copywriting and blogging. Suitable for both beginners and experienced writers, the overall pay range of the jobs is mid to high.

Work For Impact is a unique platform for you to align your skills and values in your freelance writing career, as well as network with like-minded clients. New jobs are added around every week.

linkedin webpage

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. Head over to the Jobs section, key in relevant terms like “Content Writer”, and you’ll see companies from different industries looking for writers. You can also filter the jobs by their location and type (part-time, contract, or full-time).

By optimizing your LinkedIn profile, you’ll also make it easier for recruiters and companies to reach out to you. Just make sure to be aware of employer red flags. For example, a few “Freelance Writer” job positions are unpaid internships. Some small startups may also post a detailed job ad, only to say it’s voluntary when they wish to interview you.

The overall pay is mid to high, and new jobs are posted frequently—even several times a day. LinkedIn is an excellent place for both beginners and experienced writers.

angelist webpage

AngelList is a website for startups, investors, and people searching for jobs at startups. To look for freelance writing jobs online, type in “Content Writer” or “Blogger” into the search bar for jobs that fit your specialization.

The common categories of writing jobs available there include blogging, copywriting, and translation. Set your profile to “Ready to Work” or “Open to Offers” to let potential clients know you’re available for freelance writing jobs online. The pay range is mid to high and new jobs are added actively.

Whether you’re a beginner or already have several years of experience under your belt, AngelList is your go-to platform for startup jobs.

pitchwhiz webpage

On Pitchwhiz, publications and their editors are looking for the next great pitch. You’ll find magazines and websites dedicated to all kinds of topics: culture, travel, environment, fashion, and more. You’ll also spot familiar names such as Cosmopolitan and Business Insider.

The job listing consists of a mix of one-off articles and recurring contract work. Most of them are journalistic in nature and the pay is high. Pitchwhiz is more suitable for experienced writers who want to venture into journalism.

Get Freelance Writing Jobs Online Today

With internet access and a laptop, you can start your freelance writing career anywhere. For writers who are just starting out, keeping job searching costs to a minimum is essential.

With internet access and a laptop, you can start your freelance writing career anywhere. For writers who are just starting out, keeping job search costs to a minimum is essential.

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