Elon Musk’s ‘Grape’ fuels Grapecoin speculation.

Elon Musk’s ‘Grape’ fuels Grapecoin speculation.

by Analytics Insight

January 16, 2022


Elon Musk is known to be the world’s biggest meme fans, sharing them daily with his 70 million followers on Twitter. Elon’s latest tweet has sent the cryptoverse into furious speculation about a potential new crypto called Grapecoin:

But is Grapecoin a thing and does this mean Elon will be supporting it like he supports Dogecoin? Well, no, Elon is just a fan of a certain form of humour, known as sardonic humour, which is dry, cynical, perhaps a tad mocking. The meme he shared was just typical of that humour, and whenever Elon tweets anything, millions of people want to find the deeper meaning or investment tip. 

So, there is no ‘Grapecoin’ although there probably will be a dozen or so launched over the next 24 hours to try to part you of your hard-earned money. Other projects joined in the fun, with EverGrow Coin retweeting:


EverGrow are known for their occasionally humorous tweets too, but the project is deadly serious about protecting their community and investors. The project’s Chairman, Sam Kelly, a former licensed investment manager, is constantly warning investors about diving into every new coin launch, having seen dozens that have tried to copy EverGrow’s BUSD rewards, launch and fail, losing investors’ money. 

EverGrow are a record breaking crypto, who within just their first 3 months since launch paid out over $32 million in Binance-pegged USD to their holders, something many new coin launches have tried and failed to emulate. 

EverGrow’s Chairman appears to have some kind of link with Elon Musk, with a number of interactions on social media over the years, and he is also known as being a Tesla investor and owner. It’s ironic that many analysts are saying that EverGrow will surpass Dogecoin, Elon Musk’s favourite crypto, in value this year, which would mean at least 30 times upside for EverGrow from here. 

For now there is no Grapecoin, but that’s not to say Elon Musk won’t drop cryptic investment tips on his Twitter in the future, so keep your eyes, and not your grapes, peeled!

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