The 5 Best Free Online Voice Recorders

The 5 Best Free Online Voice Recorders

There are plenty of reasons that you might find yourself wanting to share your voice with others online. Recording isn’t a difficult thing to do, but with so many services online, how can you know which ones are right for you?

Fortunately, there’s no need to search any longer. Here are five of the best voice recording services available online now.

Note: Before you start with any of the entries on this list, you’ll need to make sure that you actually have a microphone connected to your computer. You’ll also need to allow your browser to access your microphone.

A Screenshot of Vocaroo's Landing Page

Vocaroo is one of the most commonly used online voice recording services currently available, and for good reason. Vocaroo is straightforward, easy to use, and does exactly what you want of it.

To record with Vocaroo, all you need to do is click on the big red record button, and you’ll be set to go. There are some limited options you can adjust once you’ve finished with your recording.

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By default, Vocaroo automatically adjusts or normalizes your volume to make listening to it more enjoyable, as well as removing background noise. You can turn off both of these options if you so wish.

Once you’ve recorded what you need to, you can listen to it back. If you don’t like it, just discard the recording and try again.


If you are happy with what you’ve got, Vocaroo will give you the option to save what you have for sharing. Now you have quite a few options.

You can give others a link to your recording by simply copying the link Vocaroo provides. Alternatively, you can share it on most social media. There are also options to manually download or embed the voice clip, as well as to generate a QR code.

A Screenshot of 123App's Landing Page

Next up we have 123Apps Voice Recorder. 123Apps is an online service which encompasses a wide range of different websites and tools for all manner of things.

The interface here is simple to use. There’s a red record button that you can press to start recording, and a settings button that allows you to pick which microphone to record from in case you have several connected.

What’s interesting about 123Apps Voice Recorder is how it allows you to cut your recording. Where some other voice recording services don’t have any editing tool included, 123Apps Voice Recorder allows you to crop your recording down to just the essentials.

Moreover, 123Apps Voice Recorder does this automatically. If there are fragments of the audio which are silent in your recording, 123Apps Voice Recorder will actually cut them from the audio. This applies only to the start and end of the recording.

Once you’ve edited your recording to how you like it, you can save what you’ve created. The only option here is for an MP3 file, and there’s no way to share the recording directly with others.

A Screenshot of Resonate's Landing Page

If you’re looking for something to enhance the quality of your voice recording, or if you’re interested in starting a podcast, then Resonate might be right for you.

The process to use Resonate is much like most other voice recording web services. There’s a big red button that you press to begin recording.

The actual process of recording is much the same as well. You speak into your microphone and Resonate will record it. Where Resonate differs is once you’ve finished recording.

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Many recording services compress your audio to save on space and run time, but Resonate does not. While this can potentially lead to slightly larger files than some alternatives, it also means that the quality of audio that you’re getting is noticeably higher.

Resonate also has an in-built podcast service for post-production and distribution of any show that you might want to make.

Moreover, Resonate also provides a premium service remote recorder. This allows you to record yourself and up to nine others simultaneously. You will have to pay for this service, however.

A Screenshot of VirtualSpeech's Landing Page

Next up we have VirtualSpeech. VirtualSpeech is an online free voice recording service with a couple of extra features. The base functionality is simple–you make a recording, which you can then download at your own leisure.

This first recording is entirely free, with unlimited recordings being available for a fee. What VirtualSpeech does differently, however, is that it also includes an audio conversion tool.

This means that while you can download your file as an OGG file, you’re also able to convert it into just about any other file format you could want.

Furthermore, VirtualSpeech includes an audio transcription tool. This tool allows you to upload an audio file (such as one that you just recorded) which it will return to you as a text document.

This is perfect for taking quick notes or transcribing thoughts that you wanted to but couldn’t get down onto the page.

A Screenshot of Rev's Landing Page

Finally, we have Rev. Rev is an online recording and audio transcription service. With just one click of a button, you can have your voice recorded, and downloading it is easy and free as well. The only file format supported is MP3, however.

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Where Rev differentiates itself is in its transcription service. Anything that you record, Rev can transcribe for you. There are two options, with one being a professional-based service which relies on other people to transcribe, and another being computer generated.

Both are premium services, so you won’t be able to use them for free like you can the voice recording, however.

Look Beyond Just Software

This list includes many different options for voice recording and hopefully, you’ve found what you were looking for somewhere on it. No matter what tool you end up going with, there’s much more to explore than just software.

The equipment you use can be just as important, and if you don’t have a microphone at all, how can you even hope to record?

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