The 10 Best Tips to Choose the Best Domain Registrar

The 10 Best Tips to Choose the Best Domain Registrar

Domain registrars are companies that sell domain names for websites, and manage the entire registration process. If you want to build a website, having a domain name is mandatory, and hence, comes the need of choosing a domain registrar.

While many domain name registration companies are out there, you may find it difficult to take your pick according to your needs. Here are the ten best tips for picking a domain registrar.

1. Reasonable Cost

For any business, pricing is always a crucial factor for all business purchases. When choosing a domain registrar, you must carefully go through the pricing model.

Depending on the domain extension like .com, .org, .net, or .io, the domain names will cost different amounts. You don’t have to go for the priciest registrar. Instead, compare some top registrars and see what price they offer for your preferred domain names.

Opt for a company that offers a reasonable price for the domain and has a reputation for excellent service.

2. Renewal Prices

When you buy a domain, it comes with limited time validity, after which you need to renew it. Of course, you’re not going to ditch the website domain once the initial registration period is over. Hence, you must consider the domain renewal charges while choosing a domain registrar.


Usually, the domain renewal charges are higher than the initial domain registration cost. Go through the terms and pricing of registrar companies to know who offers the most affordable renewal prices.

Furthermore, you might want to give preference to a domain provider that offers an easy renewal process and no tricky terms.

3. Transparent Processes

As you should have transparency in your work, you must look for the same quality while picking a domain registrar for your website. A good company has nothing to hide from its customers. Go for a registrar company that is transparent about pricing, policy, and practices.

While checking out the companies, find registrars that offer up-front pricing information with detailed terms and conditions, so you don’t have to face surprises later.

See if you can easily find important information like renewal process and charges, the domain transfer method, and domain registration cancellation policy on their websites. If yes, you can likely depend on the registrar.

It’s wise to scan the social media handles of the registrar to find out any dissatisfaction comments from the existing customers. Start researching more around those comments to ensure you can avoid such experiences in the future.

4. Policy for Domain Expiration

Once a domain has expired, anyone else can purchase it and run their own website on that URL, locking out your business in the process. If it happens, you’ll be forced to buy back the domain name at a higher cost, or you may permanently lose its access.

Before you get a domain name, check the domain expiration policy of your registrar. Though most companies automatically auto-renew your domain, you must confirm it before the purchase.

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Post-expiration, reputed registration companies also lock the purchased domain to your account for a grace period, so you can renew it.

5. Additional Services

Your domain-related needs don’t end with buying a domain name. You couldn’t do without services like web hosting, email hosting, security, email marketing, and many more.

Many popular domain registrars offer these services besides selling domain names. Some companies even offer the domain name for free if you subscribe to their other services. Purchasing all web services from a single company may benefit you.

So, you should consider the bundle package prices of different registrars and purchase multiple services at an affordable price.

6. Data Privacy

When you buy a domain name for your website, you share certain personal information with the registrar company. Therefore, you must take data privacy seriously while collaborating with a domain registrar. The registrar should protect your data from becoming public.

Also, beware of the companies with a record of activities such as selling their customer data to third parties, mining the WHOIS database, or sending false renewal invoices to you.

Always choose a registrar company that’s reliable enough not to sell your data to others or get involved in unfair means. You’ll find yourself in a tricky position if you start your website without performing this necessary due diligence.

7. Security Measures

Apart from ensuring the privacy of your details, you must focus on the security of the domain name. Hijacking of domain names has become a common incident where people take control of a domain name to sell it to the competitors or the original owner.

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Pick a trusted registrar of domains who would take sufficient measures to prevent domain hijacking. You should also check the authentication and security protocols of a registrar to avoid domain hijacking.

8. Transfer Process and Fees

An image of the domain transfer console

If you become unhappy with the current domain registrar, the last thing you want is to pay a hefty fee for transferring your domain to a different registrar.

Though most reputed registrars don’t charge extra for domain transfer, it’s always wise to go through their domain transfer policies beforehand.

Some registrars even make the transfer process challenging and make it impossible to move. To avoid that, check the domain transfer process before selecting any registrar.

9. Reliable Support

After you register a domain name, you don’t know what’s waiting for you down the line. Problems can appear from nowhere, and you need to contact your domain name registrar company for assistance.

You wouldn’t want a support executive selling you add-on features while you’re looking for an immediate resolution. Instead, you want a registrar that offers professional assistance to your technical or general queries.

Carefully research the registrar companies you have in mind and check their user reviews on customer support. You may also consider calling the support team ahead of the final decision.

10. User Experience and Reminders

A visual of an email showing how domain registrars will remind you about expiration

Finally, user experience is a crucial criterion to consider before going for a registrar company. The website of the company should be easy to navigate and intuitive. You must quickly find out the necessary information from the registrar’s website should you face any issues.

A registrar with a knowledge base is highly useful when support is not available immediately. Timely renewal of the domain name is essential for you to prevent losing its ownership.

When the time comes for domain renewal, an ideal registrar will send you an automated reminder before the domain expires. If you haven’t activated auto-renewal or got a new credit card, this feature will benefit you.

Get a Reliable and Trusted Domain Registrar

When it comes to the domain registrar, the requirements of the organizations vary. Hence, we have listed the top things you should watch out for before choosing one for your business.

You can go through it and shortlist some domain name registration companies before making the final decision.

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