Soaring Through The Cyrpto Universe With Cosmos And HUH Token

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January 16, 2022



The crypto universe is a vast, and often lawless place, so it’s shocking that the likes of Cosmos and HUH Token are making waves in a market where it can be difficult to make a name for yourself.

More often than not, new and emerging cryptocurrencies don’t try to set themselves apart from the already prominent names on the leading boards, in the hope that they can piggyback their way to a windfall.

Cosmos and HUH Token haven’t done this, they’ve made strides and movements to set themselves apart from the ‘common crypto’ people often come across on the cryptocurrency market.

This article intends to show you what Cosmos and HUH Token have to offer, what makes them two of the most unique cryptos on the market today, and why you could want to be involved with them…


A Vast Cosmos

Cosmos is a cryptocurrency that aims to bring more people into a decentralised future, where apps and services can co-exist in one, easy-to-use place – the Cosmos Ecosystem which is stacked against its cryptocurrency ‘Atom’ could be the beginning of a crypto future.

Their ‘state-of-the-art’ blockchain ‘Cosmos SDK’ has a continuously growing orbit of sovereign chains, but this might not be the main reason that Cosmos is standing out against the crypto crowd.

In fact, its Proof-Of-Stake is reducing the cryptos carbon footprint by 99%, something which is becoming an increasingly important hot-topic around the potential future of crypto.

As more investors, both new and seasoned are looking for a greener alternative to physical money and otherwise high-power-usage crypto, that is powered by proof-of-work, it’s no wonder that Cosmos is one of the most Googled and sort-after currencies on the planet today.

Cosmos boasts 7-second short transaction times for investors and if you’re interested in the blockchain technology side of crypto, Cosmos also allows you to create a plethora of nifty things; finance applications and gamer-owned game economies.

You can even receive ATOM grants to build on Cosmos. Whether you’re looking for a new investment or a place to build the crypto world of dreams … Cosmos could be the place to do it.

You can check Cosmos out on their homepage, or by Googling ‘Cosmos’ or their crypto, ATOM.


The MetHUH- Verse

HUH Token launched at the beginning of December 2021 and in the short space of several weeks, the world’s first utimeme has proven its stand-out-from-the-crowd potential through a series of past and future events.

HUH Token burned a whopping $4million worth of HUH to exponentially increase the value of HUH Token for HUH holders. This ‘multichain crypto’ is available on MultiChain, previously known as AnySwap, and they are making countless strides in demonstrating that crypto is for all and all can have sway and influence over the rise and fall of a crypto.

As whale investors often rule the high-seas of the cryptocurrency market, what HUH Token have done with their $4million worth burn and will do with their influencer launch on the 19th of this month, is demonstrate that your influence is valuable!

HUH Token’s creators, with their forward-thinking applications, have envisaged a world, ‘MetHUH’, where the simplest of acts and comments will be rewarded with currency… this is set to revolutionise the way the crypto market and the world, as a whole, perceive digital money and what it’s worth.

You can find more information on HUH Token’s MetHUH, which sets it apart from other cryptocurrencies on the market today, by visiting the links below and taking a read through their detailed WhitePaper.

When looking for the right crypto to invest in, it’s always wise to do your research first.


HUH Official Swap:




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