Solana, Cardano, Matic, Avalanche, Litecoin, Bitgert & Centcex

Solana, Cardano, Matic, Avalanche, Litecoin, Bitgert & Centcex – What Will Be Next For These Projects?

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January 26, 2022


This article features next for crypto projects like Bitgert, Centcex, and more.

If looking for the best crypto projects to invest in today, this list has some of the best cryptocurrencies of 2022 in the market. Most of them are established already, while others are very new in the crypto industry but have shown immense potential. This includes Bitgert and Centcex, projects that are barely six months old but already proving a force to reckon with. These are some of the things that are likely to happen next in these projects.



Bitgert is not six months yet but has been doing very well in the industry. The coin has been mooning since the Bitgert launched on28th July 2021. The next thing the crypto community can expect from Bitgert is an explosion. This is what is coming soon, considering the products the Bitgert team is releasing soon.

The Brise exchange, which is a CEX, is launching in Q1. The team also announced the completion of tier-1 exchange and iOS wallet document filing. Therefore, both listing are expected to launch very soon. But the widely anticipated product is the gasless blockchain. All these are factors that will make Bitgert explode in 2022.



Centcex is a crypto project that launched on 19th November 2021 but has been proving a force in the industry from the very first days. The Centcex team has one of the impressive roadmaps that seeks to deliver this project within the shortest time possible. The Centcex team has two major issues to fix in the blockchain industry- products’ security and user experience. In the process, Centcex will be rewarding investors better than any other project.

The next thing for the Centcex project is the launch of the Centcex exchange, which is in the advanced stages of development. The user interface and data structure of the Centcex are already complete. The team has to stake program development still in the Q1 roadmap. With all these developments, this is definitely a project that is going to explode very soon.



The big thing that is coming from the Solana project is the high throughput that will see the network’s 400,000 tps demand addressed. Currently, the Solana network is doing 65,000 tps, which makes the fastest blockchains in the market.

The other thing to expect from the network is the increasing number of projects. The Solana team is currently undertaking the Hacker House program that aims at bringing more DeFi and NFTs developers into the network. Therefore, Solana will be bigger going forward.



What will be the next big thing in Cardanois increased scaling. In fact, Cardano might be one the fastest blockchains in the industry with the upcoming protocol upgrade. The team is working on launching the Hydra protocol, a layer-2 scaling solution.

The Hydra protocol upgrade is expected to push Cardano throughput to 1 million transactions per second. This means the network will be the fastest. The number of dApps and DeFi and RealFiprojects joining Cardano is also going to increase after launch.



The crypto community can expect Matic to be one of the most explosive cryptocurrencies in 2022. The Polygon network has been graining a lot of popularity with developers, which is creating demand for Matic. Polygon is an Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution that provides developers with a faster and cheaper platform.

The Polygon team is working on more scaling solutions to make the network faster and cheaper. This means more users and high demand for Matic. Therefore, the price of Maticis expected to rise going forward. So a bullish Matic is what is coming next.



Litecoin has a lot of developments going on, but the most exciting is the increasing adoption of LTC coins. The next thing that the crypto community can expect is to hear that a big company has accepted Litecoin as currency for paying goods and services. There might also be a lot more celebrities endorsing Litecoin, which will make LTC grow bigger.

The Litecoin Gaming and the NFT platforms are also the next big things. With the growing gaming industry, these products might grow larger and faster going forward. Therefore, Litecoin might be the best performing cryptocurrency.



The next thing for the Avalanche project is a faster and cheaper layer-2 scaling solution. As the fastest smart contract, Avalanche is working on making the network even better. This will be achieved through the acquisition of more scaling solutions. The team is already working on this.

With a more efficient Avalanchenetwork, more projects will join the network. Note that Avalanche is also compatible with the Ethereum smart contract. All these factors are likely to make Avalanche one of the best cryptocurrencies this year.

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