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January 17, 2022


Latest updates for crypto investors to buy Solana, Cardano, Avalanche, and many more

The month of January is the most critical for crypto investors. Choosing the best projects can be tricky as every cryptocurrency displays a new and attractive roadmap for the year. But there are crypto projects that have previously proven a force to deliver and have been doing very well in January. Here are todays’ updates on the top best cryptocurrencies of 2022.



Bitgert has been releasing updates that have been more like a milestone for the project every time. Today’s Bitgert update is on the products to be added and delivered by the end of the year. According to the recent tweet, over 10 Bitgert products will be added and delivered before the end of the year. This is great news for investors.

The Bitgert team had recently announced the release of the beta version of the iOS BRISE wallet that is currently in a test flight. The PAYRISE, a product that will enable businesses to accept $BRISE payments, has also been introduced. The updates on BRISE centralized exchange and the zero gas fee blockchain developments have also been exciting. Get more info on the Bitgert website.



Centcex is a gem in the crypto industry. This is because the features this crypto project is designed with make it an ideal investment. The Centcex team is addressing security and user experience in crypto applications. The investors’ rewards are unmatched, with staking rewards being the best so far. The latest update from the team is on the Centcex exchange developments.

The Centcex team has announced the completion of the database structure and the user interface of the exchange. A few days, the team had released the exchange user interface, the web version. With the Centcex project being barely 2 months old, as of writing, more developments are expected from the team. Learn more about the project on the Centcex website.



Solana is one of the projects that has every move is closely watched by the competition. As the industry leader in terms of the fastest blockchain, the Solana team is working hard to retain the position. Already, the Solana network is processing around 65,000 transactions per second. The latest update has been on the team planning to process most of the 400,000 tps demand.

The team has been announcing more projects to the network, which has been exciting news for investors. The Solana team also hinted at bringing more DeFi and GameFi, the fastest-growing industries today. With more scaling solutions, Solana will be one of the biggest projects of 2022.



The Cardano popularity in the crypto industry does not fade away, and this is why it has been among the top 10 largest crypto coins all its life. The team has been working hard to continue making Cardano the best alternative to Ethereum. Among the latest updates have been on the scaling solution to make the Cardano mainnet faster. There are a number of scaling development going

Hydra is a layer-2 scaling solution projected to make Cardano a faster blockchain. The upgrade will enable the network to process 1 million transactions per second. This will be the fastest tps in history and will make Cardano the most preferred blockchain by developers. The Cardano team also hinted at increasing the number of dApps live on its mainnet.



Avalanche is one of the biggest scaling solutions for various blockchains. Its compatibility with the Ethereum smart contract is one of the reasons why Avalanche has become very popular with developers. Avalanche is also the fastest smart contract in the industry, which is why there are so many projects joining the network in 2022.

The latest updates from the team have been about the projects joining the platform. Ferrum Network is among the newest project now building on the Avalanche contract in 2022. The team has been working on increasing the mainnet efficiency to make the Avalanche network faster and cheaper to developer dApps.



Matic as a cryptocurrency is doing very well. It is one of the coins with a green growth since the market prices started surging. Matic is the token for Polygon, one of the best scaling protocols. Polygon is one of the Ethereum scaling solutions doing very well in the industry. This is reflected in the Matic performance in the market.

Polygon smart contract works by transforming the Ethereum blockchain into a multi-chain system. This is how it increases speed and reduces gas cost in the Ethereum projects running on it. The latest update is about increasing the scaling performance, which will grow the Matic coin price. With better scaling, more projects, and better Matic price. Matic is one of the crypto coins to watch.



The Litecoin team has been doing a lot lately to keep this digital currency strong. Apart from the Litecoin mainnet upgrades and improvements, the addition of more token value has been a major factor. This is because it will directly impact the LTC price in the market.

The Litecoin team is making moves in the financial industry to increase the adoption of Litecoin as payment currency. The project recently announced the more organizations that have accepted  Litecoin, including NetCent, Bitpay, and Verifone. LTC holders can buy goods and services from these stores. Litecoin Gaming got introduced not long ago, and a lot more products are coming up in the future.

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