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January 30, 2022

Crypto Project

The best crypto project is one that will make a significant difference in the crypto industry and create demand for itself.

The best time to choose the best crypto project is now. It is the start of the year when all the crypto project has put up their annual roadmaps, including the products they are developing for the crypto community. The best crypto project is one that will make a significant difference in the crypto industry and create demand for itself. That’s a project to invest in today. Here is a list of the best cryptocurrencies of 2022 and why they are projected to perform the best:



Bitgert tops among the most cryptocurrencies on investors’ watch lists. It is a crypto project promising to disrupt the crypto industry this year the most. This is because the Bitgert team is solving two major blockchain problems – reliability and costly transactions. The Bitgert team is developing a centralized exchange and gasless exchange as the solution to these problems.

With Bitgert, blockchain users will not have problems with a high gas fee since the gas fee will be zero. The recent update that Bitgert is entering the metaverse industry has made this DeFi project even more attractive. With such disruptive products, Bitgert is one crypto project to consider investing in today.



For investors looking for a crypto project with unstoppable growth, then Centcex would be one of the best projects. This project is two months now, having started in mid-November 2022 but has an incredible roadmap that is attracting thousands of investors. The Centcex community has been growing fast for the period it has been around. Centcex project is majoring in developing products for the cryptocurrency industry.

The products include exchanges, staking programs, decentralized applications, and many others. The biggest difference is that Centcex products will be ultra-secure and offer an advanced user experience. This is what makes the Centcex project unique, and the user base is huge. The upcoming Centcex no-KYC exchange is just an example of the products. This is one of the best projects to consider today.



There is nothing in the crypto market today that can stop Bitcoin from reaching an ATH of $100,000 in 2022. The current Bitcoin price is $38k, and thus, growing to the projected price by the end of the year means huge returns to the investors buying today. There are many factors that might make Bitcoin bullish throughout the remaining months.

The major factor growing Bitcoin is the increasing number of businesses worldwide accepting Bitcoin for payments. The number of BTC taking online stores as well as brick and mortar stores has been on the rise, and in 2022they might grow even bigger. However, FED regulations will greatly be a factor in Bitcoin growth.



As one of the largest cryptocurrencies right now, Ethereum tops among the best projects of 2022. With the massive community that Ethereum has built over the years and the huge market value, this is a cryptocurrency can explode in 2022. Apart from that, Ethereum is one of the projects currently upgrading its entire protocol to make it more efficient and competitive.

The popular Ethereum 2.0 upgrade launched in 2021 is still going on, with phase two already in the Basho stage. The upgrade is already attracting more investors to this network because Ethereum will become one of the best blockchains, with the scaling and security problems addressed. Therefore, buying Ethereum might be the best decision investors can make today.


Shiba Inu

With the bullish explosion of 2021, Shiba Inu remains one of the favorite cryptocurrencies in the market today. There was a price plummet throughout Q4 2021 that the coin is yet o recover from. But the recent developments are making the Shiba coin very attractive to investors. The Shiba team is launching the Doggy DAO, which will give the community the right to vote in or out key issues.

The DAO is also taking care of the whales’ issue, among many other advantages. But it is the coming of the Shiberse, Shiba Inu metaverse product, among many other products such as NFTs, that is increasing the possibility of this cryptocurrency exploding. Shiba Inu still stands a high chance for a bull run in 2022.



Investors are now going for Dogecoin because of a number of reasons. One of them is the increasing adoption of the Dogecoin coin, which makes an ideal crypto project. The use of Dogecoin in the real world is giving the cryptocurrency the utility it needs to grow stronger in the market. Tesla is the latest company that adopted $DOGE for purchasing its merchandise.

The other reason why Dogecoin might be the best cryptocurrency of 2022 is the massive marketing. The growth of a cryptocurrency is heavily determined by marketing performance. The Dogecoin campaign is largely being fronted by Elon Musk. His influence can be seen from the gains that $DOGE has made in the market in 2022. Therefore, Dogecoin might be one of the best investments.



For all the cryptocurrencies in the market, very few have the potential Binance coin has to become the best project in 2022. The success of a cryptocurrency is driven by demand in the market, and this is what Binance has created. The fast-growing number of projects starting on the BSC is one of the reasons why the Binance coin might be one of the best perming cryptos in 2022.

There has also been an increasing number of new tokens on the Binance exchange this year. This means the number of transactions will be on the rise in 2022. This will significantly grow the demand for the Binance coin. These are some of the direct factors that will make BNB one of the best crypto coins in 2022.

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