SafeMoon, Ever Grow, and Metahero- Biggest BSC Tokens by Marketcap in 2022

Ever Grow

A battle ensues within the crypto-sphere where the decentralised blockchain models fight for primacy. The metrics that will decide who succeeds in this conflict include:

  • The average fee per transaction.
  • Transactions per second.
  • The rate of adoption and scaling solutions.

Having been launched in September 2020, the Binance chain has come a long way and is now the biggest competitor of Ethereum. Throughout 2021 the number of applications on BSC has steadily increased. Due to its 4x faster transaction speed, Binance chain now hosts over 900 decentralised applications and is now home to some of the biggest tokens launched in 2021 including Metahero, Ever Grow, RACA and Safemoon. They have achieved unimaginable numbers within a few months of launch, starting from their fast-growing adoption to their reward system for their holders. 



Metahero is a recently launched Binance Smart Chain (BSC) project that combines 3D scanning technology with Non-Fungible Token (NFT) smart contracts to create unique meta-avatars and meta-objects. 

Metahero is based on 3D scanning technology that analyzes real objects to collect data about their shape and render them digitally. Metahero partnered with Studio Wolf, a technological company that ventures into the music, gaming, and fashion industries. According to the website, Metahero is building a marketplace and token ecosystem to provide entrepreneurs and creators with access to the unique digital opportunities of the future.

Numerous crypto projects focus on NFTs and games, but few add 3D scanning. Metahero serves as a unique crypto project by building a bridge between the physical and the digital, the 

If the project is successful, Metahero will play a vital role in the early colonization of the virtual world.


Ever Grow (EGC)

Ever Grow(EGC) was launched just 3 months and has already distributed $33 million in passive income among its holders. EGC has a one of its kind reward system that has distributes 8% of each transaction to its holders in BUSD. The crypto recently also surpassed the 130K token holder mark. EGC has a current market cap of over $500 million, excluding the 52.4% of the total supply that has been burned so far. Ever Grow(EGC) will also be launching multiple utilities in its ecosystem, including the NFT marketplace & lending platform, Staking pools, Oracle-based Play-to-Earn Game, and Content Subscription Platform. The project recently also announced that it will move their highly anticipated crypto-friendly content creation platform, Crator, into the metaverse, which could be the catalyst to push EGC onto even higher adoption.



Safemoon was created in March 2021 and exists on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. Safemoon is currently one of the most discussed cryptos right now. It experienced significant growth in 2021 after its launch in July 2021 before dropping. Currently, It has a market cap of $995.7 million with a trading volume of $354.4 thousand. 

It is one of the fascinating DeFi projects to buy and hold for 2022, given the current price providing a good entry point. It has also been listed as one of the fastest-growing DeFi projects of 2022. Safemoon released the Safemoon V2 protocol in December 2021, which is a better version of the Safemoon Smart contract. Safemoon V1 holders can swap their V1 for the safemoon V2 protocol. The launch of the V2 project has reinstated this project. The project will be among the top DeFi projects of 2022 as Safemoon announced plans to launch its Blockchain. 

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