Reduction and loss of libido in men and what can be done about it

Do you have no desire for love? Doesn’t an erection listen to you like it used to? Can’t enjoy love enough? In this case, these are typical symptoms of decreased or even loss of libido. Since love is the spice of any relationship, it is not only an isolated problem that concerns the bedroom, but sooner or later, it will affect the life of the partner. Therefore, neglecting it certainly does not pay off.
What is libido and why is it important
Libido is a simplified name for physical appetite or the desire for love. In men, it is also related to overall performance and vitality, ie, their masculinity, as libido is mainly affected by testosterone levels. This hormone also affects other aspects of intimate or everyday life get Fildena 100 or vigora 100.
Here are the areas that are related to libido and for which libido is essential:
Erection, ie, erection of the organ, the hardness of which depends mainly on the blood supply to the genitals, but the speed of its onset and quality is also affected by libido
Fertility, sometimes called potency, has a libido effect here mainly connected with the mentioned testosterone, which also affects sperm maturation.
Orgasm, which a man achieves, of course, as a result of physical stimulation, but it is also affected by libido, especially the speed of its attainment
Total physical strength and performance, which are again related to the level of testosterone, which also affects libido and therefore, lower libido means lower performance
Causes of decreased or lost libido
There are several reasons for low libido. Not all of them directly impact the testosterone level. Some have an effect on, for example, the overall vitality of the body from a mental or physical point of view. This then affects the physical appetite and desire for love use Fildena 150.
These are the most important causes of intimate appetite:
Junk foods full of fat or sugar, alcohol, or smoking, these are all things that negatively affect both libido and overall health. Of course, they also affect passionate performance and its general decline.
Lifestyle habits are also a negative factor influencing libido. These include excessive stress, sophistication, lack of sleep, and rest in general, which worsens the reproductive system’s overall condition.
Relationship problems and routine: 
If you have problems or disagreements in a relationship, they will manifest in physical life sooner or later. Similarly, the performance in the bed and the bedroom does not benefit the sensual appetite, on the contrary, it slowly and surely kill it.
Health problems: 
Of course, health also has an effect on intimate appetite. Problems with cholesterol, blood pressure, or more severe diseases negatively affect libido. This also applies to some medicines and drugs.
How to increase and support libido
If there are any illnesses or drugs behind the decline in your physical appetite, you need to focus on curing them or replacing medicines that will not have such a negative effect. However, you also know some other factors, especially those that directly affect you.
Here are 4 changes you can make literally from day to day:
Healthier lifestyle: 
What you eat and drink affects your performance. Therefore, forget about unhealthy foods, semi-finished products, alcohol, and tobacco. Exclude them from your life. Instead, eat fruits and vegetables, spices, and healthy sweets, such as dark chocolate.
Exercise and exercise: 
The best possible way to energize life while increasing libido-affecting testosterone is through exercise. However, avoid slow and tedious activities. You need more powerful and explosive movement, such as sprints.
Reviving love life: 
Routine in the bedroom is a big enemy of loving appetite, so try some new love games, new love positions or revive love with various aids. The regularity of making love is also essential, feel free to include it in your diary.
Aphrodisiacs have accompanied us practically since time immemorial, so why not use those that have proven effects? Oysters, strawberries, or spices all increase the desire for love. You can also reach for herbal aphrodisiacs,

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