You own a vehicle in poor condition that can no longer be driven. You decide to sell it but, after information, you learn that this kind of transaction is prohibited. Who should you contact?
Can we sell a non-driving vehicle?
Since 2009, it is no longer possible to sell a vehicle that no longer drives, even for spare parts.
Placing an advertisement to sell it to an individual is therefore not authorized, especially since it will be refused the mandatory technical inspection to which any sale of a vehicle over four years old is subject. The new owner could not obtain a registration certificate and could not use this car. In addition, he would risk turning on you for a hidden defect or driving the car without a new registration card. In case of problems, you would be responsible.
Buyout by a professional
To get rid of a car that no longer runs, you must contact a car repurchase professional. He alone has the necessary approval for such a transaction and will not require technical control.
With rachat-voiture.fr, the trade-in of a non-driving vehicle is done simply and quickly, in complete safety. Whatever its condition, its brand, its mileage, whether it has been accepted at the technical control or not, whether it is running or not, we will take it back to you at the best price. And to know its value, we provide you with a tool allowing you to estimate your car in a few moments. You indicate its characteristics, add some useful details in the box provided for this purpose and, after a click, you know the price that we are offering you cash for non running cars .
Are you satisfied with our proposal? Contact us quickly and take advantage of our free services. The transaction is concluded in less than forty-eight hours, either by telephone sending us the necessary documents by fax or email, or through one of our sales representatives who can, if you wish, come to your place. at home or at your workplace.
When an agreement is reached and the file is complete, we proceed with the removal by one of our tow trucks, regardless of the region of France where you live, except Corsica and the French overseas departments and territories.
What steps will you need to take?
We take all the necessary steps at our expense and will give you, at the time of taking possession, a certificate of transfer and a purchase receipt.
Your only obligation will be to provide us with the unblocked and up-to-date gray card as well as an administrative status certificate of less than three months.
At the end of the transaction, you receive your payment and choose the method of payment: cash for a small sum, by certified cashier’s check or by wire transfer.
For the repurchase of a non-running vehicle, contact rachat-voiture.fr which will give new life to your old model, by repairing it or by using parts for other cars.

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