How to Design Firefighter Custom Challenge Coins?

Firefighter is an emergency rescuer service that deserves great appreciation and respect. The brave individuals serving in the Firefighting Department of the nation risk their lives each day to save the lives of other people.

To honour them and paying respect to them on special occasions or events is the only way we can show our gratitude toward them. So, why held back in our gestures to show them the much-deserved gratitude? You can offer them great quality firefighter custom challenge coins that are not only appropriate for the event but honors them rightly.

So, if you are looking for some tips to design a firefighter custom challenge coin then here are some great ways to do so. Continue to read till the end to find out.

1.    Sketch out your idea in advance

To design a coin, a firefighter coin you must gather some ideas first. Think about the theme of the event. Don’t make it too exaggerated and use minimalist information on the coins. Whatever you are thinking to include on the coins make sure to sketch those ideas for reference.

This way you’ll get a visual reference of what you are thinking of creating rather than keeping all to your mind. The sketch will also give the coin manufacturer an idea of what you want in your coin.

2.   Make sure the artwork is relevant and appropriate

The artwork will take the most space of your coin hence it should be a well thought element. The artwork is typically placed in the centre of the coin; hence, the prime focus remains there.

You need to make sure that the artwork is relevant and appropriate. If the firefighting department has their own emblem or logo then it would be perfect to use that as your artwork for the coin.

And if there’s no such logo available then you can use creativity to draw out a sketch for the artwork. If you cannot come with anything then do try to explore online for some ideas. You can ask the artwork team of the manufacturing company for some ideas.

3.   The right choice of material for the coins

It is only suited to choose high quality coins for the firefighting department. As they deserve the best of things for the service they offer to people of the nation. The quality of coins greatly depends on the material used for the making of coins.

Whether you are choosing silver plated coins or gold plated make sure the coins are made with non-corrosive material. Also, ensure that the coins aren’t of flimsy quality which can break off easily. You also get the option to choose bronze plated coins if you are tight on budget as they come cheap compared to gold or silver plated.


The Firefighter department deserves all the recognition and respect. Design them superior quality firefighter custom challenge coins to honour them at special events. Make sure to follow the tips listed above to design perfect custom challenge coins for firefighters.

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