WiFi is a technology used in both home and office to translate wired internet into Wi-Fi internet. Without staying in one location, the wireless internet gives you the right to access the internet. It is also correct that due to poor signal or interference, Wi-fi output efficiency decreases. It is often not necessary to install a physical wired link in every room. So the configuration of the Wi-Fi range extender allows you to improve signal power. Using the old wifi router as a range extender mode to boost the Wi-Fi signal instead of purchasing a new range extender unit. Purchasing extenders like Netgear and Linksys Extender Setup does help but they are quite expensive.
Without using a range extender system, the easiest way to improve Wi-fi network coverage is to create a wifi router as a repeater mode that will expand the signal. In order to boost wireless signals in the low signal regions, this post will help you transform the old router into a new extender setup.

WiFi Router Configuration as Range Extender Mode

You need to enter the configuration page to use the router as a repeater mode. Use the default IP Address Router or Make Factory Reset if you forgot your IP address to enter the router login tab.

  • Link the LAN port of the router to a desktop or laptop LAN port.
  • Use the Static IP Address of the same sequence in the Laptop/PC LAN environment. Exp: If the WiFi router signs in to IP, use PC/Laptop LAN
  • Use any internet browser and enter the IP web address of the router
  • Use the default password for the login username as specified in the manual or router sticker.

Placement of Range Extender and the Router

To get high capacity and proper signals from expanding networks, WiFi Range Extender placement is most critical. When positioning the wifi repeater system to boost the signal, there are several points to bear in mind.

  • Do not place the router’s repeater inside the box or cupboard.
  • Hold the external antenna straight in the upward direction such that in either direction it can air signal.
  • Under the table, do not mount the extender router.
  • Often locate a spot where at least a 40 percent signal from a key wifi router can be obtained by a range extender system.
  • Place the repeater system in a clustered position where the primary Wi-Fi router and the repeater are not obstructed.


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