How to Add and Use the New Apple Watch Unity Lights Watch Face

How to Add and Use the New Apple Watch Unity Lights Watch Face

Apple released a new Unity Lights watch face to celebrate Black History Month in February. Here’s how you can try it on your Apple Watch.

Apple released a new Unity Lights watch face for Apple Watch users to celebrate Black History Month in February. This unique watch face uses 2D ray tracing—a first for an Apple Watch face—where every pixel on the screen mimics the light and shadow falling across it. The clock’s hand movements reveal or hide the light, which changes depending on the time of the day.

Here, we’ll discuss what makes Unity Lights unique and how you can set it as your current watch face on your Apple Watch.

What Makes the Unity Lights Apple Watch Face Special?

Apple Watch Unity Lights watch face
Image Credit: Apple Newsroom

As explained by Apple in its press release on Apple Newsroom, the Unity Lights watch face is inspired by Afrofuturism—”a philosophy that explores the experience of the African diaspora through science, technology, and self-empowerment.”

It is highly customizable and allows users to switch between red/green and black/white colors for the watch face, change the Dial to rectangle or circle, use a different dial style with a pointer for every five minutes, and up to four complications.

The Unity Lights watch face is available for Apple Watch Series 4 or newer models and will automatically show up on iPhones running iOS 15.2 or later. You should also receive a notification on your iPhone about it. Even if you don’t get the message, worry not, as you’ll still be able to apply the watch face on your own.

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How to Apply the Unity Lights Watch Face on Your Apple Watch

You’ll need to use the Apple Watch companion app that’s preinstalled on your iPhone to add Unity Lights and set it as your current watch face.


Follow these simple instructions:

  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Head over to the Face Gallery tab from the bottom navigation bar.
  3. Now, under New Watch Faces, tap Unity Lights followed by Add. Head over to the My Watch tab, where you’ll find the watch face you just added.
  4. Customize the watch face by selecting the Color, Dial, and more.
  5. Once you have customized the watch face, tap the Set as current Watch Face option. You can also share your customized watch face by tapping the Share button at the top-right corner.
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One important point to note is that complications only show up in the circular style of the watch face. They are not visible in the default style with the rectangle dial.

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Celebrate Black History Month With the Unity Watch Face and Band

Alongside the Unity Lights watch face, Apple also released a special edition Black Unity Braided Solo Loop band to celebrate Black History Month. It will go on sale for $99 starting February 2022.

Even if you don’t get the band, you should try the new watch face as its unique style ensures it stands out from other watch faces.

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