How to Add a Banana to Your Photoshop Toolbar

How to Add a Banana to Your Photoshop Toolbar

Spice up your Photoshop toolbar with this cute little Easter egg.

Some bananas on a blue field.

The Photoshop banana is officially one of the most adored Photoshop Easter eggs on the internet. What is the banana in Photoshop? What does it do? And how can you find it for yourself?

Read on, dear patron. This may be the most vital Photoshop tutorial you’ve ever followed in your life.

To begin, open up Photoshop—you’re going to need to hop into your Toolbar settings. You can do so from the Edit dropdown above or through the ellipses icon at the bottom of the Toolbar itself.

The Toolbar preferences in Photoshop.

The Customize Toolbar window should be prompted when you do either; we’re concerned with nothing that you see in this image, however. Instead, you’ll need to direct your attention to either Shift key on your keyboard. Hold one down and hit Done.

The banana icon in Photoshop.

Like magic, you’ll see the Photoshop banana icon pop unceremoniously into being, right underneath the Zoom tool if your default Toolbar settings are still enabled.

The tooltip for the Photoshop banana.

Hovering for a tooltip yields little aside from a pop-up that says Edit Toolbar, exactly like we remember from before the setting was enabled. He’s handsome, that much cannot be denied. Is he forever, though?

The Photoshop banana icon can be dismissed simply by clicking on it; it’ll just turn back into the same ellipses that were there in its stead.

Failing to click on the Photoshop banana during its maiden session does absolutely nothing, aside from the fact that it’ll still be there waiting for you upon your return. Like an old friend, the Photoshop banana keeps us coming back for more, time and time again.


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Has the Photoshop Banana Changed Your Life Yet?

This hot and dangerous little character is certainly one to remember. Don’t let us stop you if you haven’t tried this secret power move for yourself—we highly recommend giving this quirky Photoshop trick a look-see, up close and personal. It’s the perfect pick-me-up during those long, hopeless nights in the hole.

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