30th Jan Updates; Cardano, Solana, Litecoin, Matic, Avalanche, Bitgert & Centcex

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January 30, 2022

This article features the latest updates on cryptocurrencies like Solana, Bitgert, Centcex, and more.

It’s 30th Jan, and the crypto market appears stable, with most of the coins already in green. It might be a good day just like yesterday and could end the weekend and start the first week of February on a high. But what are updates the crypto community needs to know about the top cryptocurrencies of 2022? There is so much going on, but here are today’s major updates you should know.



Bitgert project has been one of the most highlighted projects in the crypto industry this month mainly because of the fast accomplishment in products delivery. But the latest update from the Bitgert team is about the project’s decisions to venture into the metaverse industry. Bitgert is entering the metaverse. The team announced on 29th that the project would be entering metaverse and what the community is now waiting for is the introduction of the Bitgert metaverse product.

The Bitgert team is also celebrating with the community the fast-growing number of holders. The number of holders has grown within a very short time to 84,000, putting the Bitgert community among the fast-growing crypto communities. Visit the Bitgert website and social media platforms for info, including the tier-1 exchange listing plus the about to go live iOS wallet.



The Centcex project is still young, being just 2 months old right now. Therefore, it is expected for the team to keep updating the community on its upcoming developments. Well, that’s what the team has been doing on the official social media platforms and the Centcex website. The latest from the team has been about the fast-developing Centcex exchange, which is the first product that Centcex Lab is working on.

The Centcex exchange, which will be a no-KYC exchange to protect users’ data, has the user interface and the database structure already complete. The 2022 roadmap looks great, and more products development, including its staking program, might be starting very. The Centcex website has got more about this product.



Cardano is still working on its ambitious scaling and decentralization programs that are expected to make it one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies. From the updates provided by the Cardano team, the Plutus team is working on an updated version of the Plutus Core, which is expected to make the platform better.

The Cardano team also announced the completion of the flakes updates, which has made the Cardano wallet better. The public p2p testnet has also been updated, and most of the governor issues are now fixed. Therefore, a lot has been updated regarding the Cardano protocol development throughout this week. With the Cardano Hydra update going on, there is a lot of things that are going on.



Solana Hacker House has been one of the most covered topics by the team for almost the entire week. There has been a lot of communication regarding this program that aims at meeting more developers into the Solana network. The Solana team has been working on bringing more DeFi and NFT projects to the network with these meetings. The Hacker House is still ongoing.

Working the Solana mainnet has also been among the many updates. With the protocol now processing about 65k transactions every second, it still remains the fastest blockchain in the industry. But with the rising demand, the Solana team has been working on making the mainnet faster and cheaper. There are still more projects joining the Solana network.



Litecoin is one oldest digital currencies. With its huge community, Litecoin has been one of the crypto coins widely held, only coming third after the BTC and ETH. That is how powerful Litecoin has grown since its launch in 2011. But the fast adoption of Litecoin has been one of the biggest updates from the team. More merchants are now taking LTC payments.

Litecoin entering the gaming and NFT industries has also been one of the biggest updates recently. Litecoin Gaming and NFT products are projected to be some of the biggest drivers for this cryptocurrency in 2022. With all these developments, LTC might be one of the best crypto projects to watch in 2022.



Matic looks stable but dropping today morning. But this is how the market and, as usual, Matic will always come back stronger and recover from the drop. The Matic price growth has been hugely driven by the fast-growing number of developers that are starting projects or migrating to the Polygon network.

The Polygon scaling protocol has been one of the biggest scaling tools for the Ethereum network. The ability of this smart contract to transform Ethereum into a multi-chain system with a higher speed and lower gas fee. That is why Matichas been a performer in the market. With the improving Polygon smart contracts, Matic will continue growing largest.



There are many updates coming up from the Avalanche team, but the huge number of projects joining the network has been some of the exciting updates. There is so much interest in the Avalanche network by most crypto projects from DeFi, NFTs, RealFi, and even metaverse projects. The Avalanche platform provides an ideal place for crypto applications developers.

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