Has Your Netflix Account Been Hacked? What to Do Next

Has Your Netflix Account Been Hacked? What to Do Next

Once upon a time, we all risked our internet safety to download the latest shows online. Like a game of Russian roulette, we held our breath and prayed that we didn’t accidentally give hackers access to our entire computer after opening a single file.

However, this doesn’t mean that the bad guys have gone away completely. With time, hackers have evolved to take advantage of stealing subscriptions to streaming services, piggybacking on unsuspecting account owners. These days, numerous users worldwide have reported hacked Netflix accounts.

If you suspect that your Netflix account was hacked, keep reading.

How to Know If Your Netflix Account Was Hacked

The first thing that you should do is confirm if your Netflix account has been compromised. Thankfully, Netflix makes it easy to check. Here’s how:

1. Log In to Your Account

While some hackers are happy to watch discreetly, some are a little more daring and will make an effort to change your login details. From changing your password to your email address, some hackers will take the whole thing over, so they can sell your account to an unsuspecting buyer.

It’s a good sign if you can still log in, but that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear.

2. Observe Your Recently Viewed Tab

One of the most obvious clues that someone else accesses your account is when the recommendations don’t seem fitting. Maybe it’s a movie on the Watch It Again section that you have never opened. Or, there might be a series halfway finished on the Continue Watching tab.


Netflix Watch History

However, this isn’t really a foolproof method as there are ways to delete things from your recently watched list. In any case, if something is amiss, you should definitely check your Netflix Account history.

3. Check Your Viewing Activity

When something feels off with your lists, the next thing you should do is check your viewing activity.

On your Netflix account, go to Account > Viewing Activity > Recent Device Streaming Activity.

Netflix Recent Device Streaming Activity

Once you’re on this screen, you can check for any unknown logins from other places. Bear in mind that some people you have allowed to use your Netflix account may use VPNs to access certain content, so you should check with them.

What to Do If Your Netflix Account Was Hacked

If you wonder what to do if your Netflix account is hacked, here are the steps that you need to follow to take back control.

1. Boot All Users Out

Before doing anything else, it’s best to make sure that you’re the only one logged on. After confirming a hack, the next thing you should do is remove access to everyone else.

To log everyone off, go to Account > Settings and select Sign out of all devices.

2. Change the Password

Once you’re sure no one else is using your account, you can proceed to change the password.

Unfortunately, the option to change the password directly on the Netflix App is not available for iOS devices, so follow the browser instructions instead.

To change the password on your mobile device using the Android Netflix app go to More > App Settings > Account > Change password. From there, type your current password and new password.

Don’t forget to check the Require all devices to sign in again with the new password option. Also, this may be the perfect opportunity to enable two-step authentication if you have not already. Once you have updated your new password, tap Save.

Netflix Web Account Page

Alternatively, you may also log in to your Netflix Account on your browser. Click on your User Icon and select Account from the dropdown menu. Under Membership Billing, select Change Password and follow the steps to confirm.

3. Request Help from Netflix

In some cases, hackers can change the email address associated with your Netflix account. With this, any attempt to change your password or other information can be sent to the hacker.

If you want to check if hackers changed your Netflix email address, you log in to your Netflix Account on your browser. Click on your User Icon and select Account from the dropdown menu. Then, check if the email address next to Membership & Billing is correct.

Netflix Web Account Page

If you’ve found that someone has changed your email address, you need to ask for help from Netflix support. To do so, you may ask other account holders still logged in to report the issue to Netflix via their support center on both iOS and Android by going to More > Help > Chat or Call.

You may also go to the Netflix Help Center. Under Manage My Account, you can select My email was changed without my permission.

Netflix Web Help Center

You will be able to choose between two options: you received an email stating the change or that you were unable to find an account with your email address.

Netflix Help Center Call Option

Alternatively, if you scroll to the bottom of the Help Center page, there is the option to speak with a customer service representative by selecting Call Us or Start Live Chat. Both steps require identity verification before proceeding.

However, if the hacker has already changed information like your credit card numbers, you may have difficulty getting back your account. You may want to consider requesting an account deletion instead.

Protect Your Netflix Account from Hackers

The biggest challenge you will likely come across is that Netflix accounts are often shared subscriptions using single login details. The safety of your Netflix account requires the cooperation and consistency of everyone involved.

Everyone knows that managing a group or family subscription is difficult, but it is possible. Here are a few ways how to protect your Netflix account from hackers:

1. Create Ground Rules

It is best to establish ground rules with other account holders to avoid hackers. Have your group agree on how many people will be allowed to have access to your shared account.

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Also, discuss that they are not allowed to share account details with other people. Many cases of unusual usage often come from people sharing their logins with non-account holders.

2. Keep Your Passwords Safe

Protect your Netflix account with the same vigilance you should have with every other online account. Start by creating strong passwords, creating different passwords for every account, and avoid sharing them with anyone, even with people you trust.

3. Practice Internet Safety

Don’t connect to insecure networks such as public Wi-Fi. Regularly check the security of your home internet network. Avoid clicking any questionable links such as those from sketchy emails or websites. Don’t forget to log off devices that you do not own after use, especially email accounts.

Keep Your Netflix Account Safe

No matter how well you try to safeguard your Netflix account, there will always be risks. When it comes to online streaming subscriptions, hackers are finding more and more ways to hack passwords every year.

With this, don’t forget to be observant of any strange activity on your Netflix account. You know your viewing history more than anyone. If you catch anything odd, don’t hesitate to check your account history. Take the extra step to enable two-factor authentications. Make it a habit to change your password to a stronger one regularly.

Lastly, don’t forget to follow internet safety practices. Keeping your information private is necessary for any platform, not just the streaming ones.

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