CISO As a Service or Security Executive on Demand

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January 17, 2022


CISO helps small, medium, startups, and FinTech companies to have security service at a fraction of cost and best benfits.

We at Erbis help you with all issues related to your organization’s information security.


What does the CISO On Demand service consist of?

The Chief Information Security Officer, CISO on-demand or Virtual CISO service is a service that helps your organization to focus on the core of your business. At the same time, we take care of the information security issues, having constant communication with other executives to dictate the policies and security controls needed to keep your organization secure.

A certified expert will stay on top of your organization’s business strategy to transform information security from a stopper to an enabler, i.e., from an obstacle to a business enabler.

It is well known that talent in Information Security and Cyber Security positions is scarce, and the little that is found is very expensive. CISO helps small, medium, startups, and FinTech companies to have this service at a fraction of the cost but get the best benefits, for example, the CISO can be in charge of:

  • Establishing the Information Security Management System.
  • Establishing guidelines for proper risk control
  • Responding to customers on relevant information security and cyber security issues
  • Deciding on standards, framework, and compliance
  • Review / create policies and procedures
  • Assess threats, vulnerabilities, and risks
  • Create a disaster recovery and incident management plan
  • Implement security controls
  • Conduct training
  • Conduct internal audit
  • Provide regular reports ready for stakeholders
  • Have a neutral external auditor to provide an unbiased security assessment.


What are the advantages of having a Virtual CISO?

Reduce costs

Keep your organization as secure as possible for a fraction of the cost of a competent full-time CISO.



We have different plans and packages that adapt to your budget, time and resources, tools, and current situations.


Brand agnostic

We have a vendor-neutral approach where every tool and solution we recommend will be based on the conditions of your organization, always looking for the best benefit and long-term protection no matter what brand it is.


Always up to date

Attackers and threats are constantly evolving. Our CISOs are also in constant training on new attacks and technologies, methodologies, tools, etc., to deal with them and have certifications with international recognition.


Who is the service aimed at?

The service is aimed at organizations of any size and type of business as they all require Information Security or Cyber Security. Some of the advantages that can be found in every kind of organization are the following:



When a company is just starting or is in its startup phase, it has a lot of things to worry about. Security is one of the main ones. Before this type of service came along, they had to spend a significant portion of their initial budget hiring information security or cybersecurity experts for guidance and protection. In many cases, profiles were not 100% covered, which could be because they were hiring more administrative than technical staff. Getting carried away with vendors or even making recommendations that were not the most appropriate for StartUp, you get a strategy that fits the organization’s overall strategy.


Small and medium-sized companies

This type of company has a reduced budget and regularly leaves information security in the hands of the technical support and systems area. Even though this personnel does their best, they fall short. Many things must be considered in a position like this, which leaves the company with a lack of sense of security that could be catastrophic for the organization. Because there are studies that indicate that a company of this type that is attacked can leave the market in 6 months, these types of things are the ones we try to avoid.


Large organizations

Large organizations can also benefit from several angles. If they are in transition, they can hire this service for a particular time or even use it for interviewing the new permanent CISO or security personnel to be integrated. Also, if you require an unbiased point of view or audit what is being done internally, ensure that the best practices and current solutions are being followed.


How Much Does Such A Service Cost?

The cost varies depending on the specific needs of each organization, as the profile of the expert will vary depending on this. Still, since our services are focused on small and medium-sized companies, we have packages ranging from one hour to a full day.



As a company grows, so do its compliance and security obligations. Having a virtual CISO to turn to when needed can be incredibly helpful and save a company a lot of headaches when trying to navigate an ever-changing world of regulations or keep up with rapidly evolving security threats. In addition, having a vCISO in place can make the compliance process much more manageable.

The vCISOs are tailored to each company’s needs. They are professionals with extensive experience in cybersecurity, developing strategies, plans and applying different security methodologies to other organizations.

In any case, the specific scope of vCISO services must be customized based on each company’s available internal resources and security needs. Obviously, as with any decision to outsource services, it must be supported by a preliminary analysis that shows that the effort and budgets allocated to information security legal and regulatory compliance are effectively optimized.

As an additional investment in information security, it should be accepted with the same considerations as other security investments: it should be focused on managing real risks, aligned with the organization’s security goals, and within the established budget.

In short, an alternative that can be more useful today than ever before, given the growing importance that information security and related compliance are gaining and the need to address them globally, profitably, and assuredly.

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