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January 30, 2022


This article features the latest news on cryptocurrencies like Bitgert, Centcex, Bitcoin, and more.

The crypto industry looks vibrant despite the many crashes experienced in January. Many cryptocurrencies have been posting impressive growth, especially in developing the project’s network and other fronts. So what has been happening in the crypto industry that is worth noting today? Well, here are some of the latest news from some of the top best cryptocurrencies in the crypto industry today.



Bitgert has just announced they are entering the metaverse industry. This is one of the latest and exciting news from the Bitgert team as of 29th January 2022. The Bitgertteam says it wants to be among the first entrants into this fast-growing industry, and things are being implemented to facilitate a fast entrant. According to the Bitgert team, the launch is planned for the project V2.0 roadmap.

In other news, the Bitgert community is growing fast, according to a piece of news released by the team. As of 29th January, the Bitgert team said the number of holders has grown to 84,000. There are other updates that have been on the ongoing tier-1 exchange listing and also the about to go live iOS wallet. With so many developments going on, more will be announced soon.



The Centcex project’s fast growth rate has been one of the most outstanding things at the moment. Just two months after the launch of this cryptocurrency, there has been a lot of development on this project. The Centcex team is working on the 2022 Q1 roadmap, and they have been delivering fast. The development of the Centcex exchange, the first project, is going on well, and the delivery will be as per the roadmap promise.

The latest news the Centcexteam released is the progress made in developing the Centcex exchange. The no-KYC exchange has the database structure and its user interface already complete. This is good news as the Centcex network will have the first product up and running soon.



With the bullish market for the best of the weekend, Bitcoin has been one of the cryptocurrencies recording good gains. Even with the market looking shaky on Sunday, Bitcoin is one of the coins showing good stability. But the has been a lot of stuff in the market that has been creating news around Bitcoin. One of them is the looming control of cryptocurrency.

Recently, the United States government came out to say that it is going to regulate the crypto industry, the treat crypto as a security threat. With Bitcoin being the largest cryptocurrency, this news has been seen as an attack on it. The request by the IMF to El Salvador to strip Bitcoin the legal tender tag is also one of the latest Bitcoin news.



The latest news on Ethereum has been on the gains the coin has made during the last few days of a market surge. Despite having recorded a huge drop in the price over the crashes, Ethereum has made some good recovery. But the biggest news has been on the progress made in improving the Ethereum network.

The Ethereum team has been working on the scaling, security, and decentralization of the network. The ongoing EthereumSerenity upgrade is being fronted as the solution to all these problems. The ongoing upgrades take three phases, and already, the Ethereum team is executing the second phase. The team recently announced to have reached the Basho Stage of the upgrade.


Shiba Inu

The latest news on Shiba Inu has been the introduction of the Shiberse, which is one of the biggest products the team has introduced recently. Shiberse is one of the metaverse products for the Shiba mainnet coming out soon. The Shiba Inu teams say that they will be introducing the product’s name, but this is definitely good news.

Metaverse is the next big industry in the crypto industry, and it also means $SHIB is getting more utility. This is just of the products that the team is bringing into the products as more news about NFT and gaming products have been released. The launch of the DAO is one of the widely anticipated development at Shiba Inu.



The Dogecoin investment might be the best in 2022. The coin has been doing well in the crypto market and has been one of the biggest gainers. The surging Dogecoin price has been one of the news about this coin. During the last two days of a market breather, Dogecoin has been one of the coins that have made an incredible recovery.

But there has been a lot of influence on Dogecoin by celebrities, and the likes of Vitalik Buterin and Elon Musk have been heavily involved. By just on the board of advisors, the two have made more investors grow confidence in Dogecoin. Elon Musk mentions marketingDogecoin has been influencing its price growth. $D      OGE just got acceptance for buying Tesla merchandise.



The latest news from Binance has been on the $MATIC consolidation. This is a move that will affect Binance coin by creating demand on the Binance ecosystem during the consolidation process. The Binance holds a sizeable number of $MATIC, and it wants them to consolidate the token to

The other news that will affect Binance coin is the referral program that will be earning Binance users up to $200. Over the last few days, the Binance coin bullish performance has also been creating news. This is one of the cryptocurrencies that have been making gains in the market. Even with the stabilizing crypto market that looks like it could go bearish, BNB is still stable.

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