10 Best Research and Thesis Topic Ideas for Data Science in 2022

by Sayantani Sanyal

January 3, 2022

Data science

These research and thesis topics for data science will ensure more knowledge and skills for both students and scholars

As businesses seek to employ data to boost digital and industrial transformation, companies across the globe are looking for skilled and talented data professionals who can leverage the meaningful insights extracted from the data to enhance business productivity and help reach company objectives successfully. Recently, data science has turned into a lucrative career option. Nowadays, universities and institutes are offering various data science and big data courses to prepare students to achieve success in the tech industry. The best course of action to amplify the robustness of a resume is to participate or take up different data science projects. In this article, we have listed 10 such research and thesis topic ideas to take up as data science projects in 2022.

  • Handling practical video analytics in a distributed cloud: With increased dependency on the internet, sharing videos has become a mode of data and information exchange. The role of the implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT), telecom infrastructure, and operators is huge in generating insights from video analytics. In this perspective, several questions need to be answered, like the efficiency of the existing analytics systems, the changes about to take place if real-time analytics are integrated, and others.
  • Smart healthcare systems using big data analytics:Big data analytics plays a significant role in making healthcare more efficient, accessible, and cost-effective. Big data analytics enhances the operational efficiency of smart healthcare providers by providing real-time analytics. It enhances the capabilities of the intelligent systems by using short-span data-driven insights, but there are still distinct challenges that are yet to be addressed in this field.
  • Identifying fake news using real-time analytics: The circulation of fake news has become a pressing issue in the modern era. The data gathered from social media networks might seem legit, but sometimes they are not. The sources that provide the data are unauthenticated most of the time, which makes it a crucial issue to be addressed.
  • Secure federated learning with real-world applications: Federated learning is a technique that trains an algorithm across multiple decentralized edge devices and servers. This technique can be adopted to build models locally, but if this technique can be deployed at scale or not, across multiple platforms with high-level security is still obscure.
  • Big data analytics and its impact on marketing strategy: The advent of data science and big data analytics has entirely redefined the marketing industry. It has helped enterprises by offering valuable insights into their existing and future customers. But several issues like the existence of surplus data, integrating complex data into customers’ journeys, and complete data privacy are some of the branches that are still untrodden and need immediate attention.
  • Impact of big data on business decision-making: Present studies signify that big data has transformed the way managers and business leaders make critical decisions concerning the growth and development of the business. It allows them to access objective data and analyse the market environments, enabling companies to adapt rapidly and make decisions faster. Working on this topic will help students understand the present market and business conditions and help them analyse new solutions.
  • Implementing big data to understand consumer behaviour: In understanding consumer behaviour, big data is used to analyse the data points depicting a consumer’s journey after buying a product. Data gives a clearer picture in understanding specific scenarios. This topic will help understand the problems that businesses face in utilizing the insights and develop new strategies in the future to generate more ROI.
  • Applications of big data to predict future demand and forecasting: Predictive analytics in data science has emerged as an integral part of decision-making and demand forecasting. Working on this topic will enable the students to determine the significance of the high-quality historical data analysis and the factors that drive higher demand in consumers.
  • The importance of data exploration over data analysis: Exploration enables a deeper understanding of the dataset, making it easier to navigate and use the data later. Intelligent analysts must understand and explore the differences between data exploration and analysis and use them according to specific needs to fulfill organizational requirements.
  • Data science and software engineering: Software engineering and development are a major part of data science. Skilled data professionals should learn and explore the possibilities of the various technical and software skills for performing critical AI and big data tasks.

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