Why will Mastering Machine Learning Pay Off in 2022?

Machine learning

With the growing pay scale in India, gaining the necessary Data Science and Machine Learning skills would assure a bright future

Machine learning is currently one of the world’s fastest-growing areas. according to studies, machine learning engineers are in great demand. Artificial intelligence is being used in a large number of businesses, which is the primary reason why there is a demand for positions in that industry. If you’re still perplexed by all of your employment alternatives, it’s time to consider pursuing a career in machine learning.

The machine learning field has a lot of potentials. According to Indeed’s 2019 study, the highest office in terms of income, job growth, and growing market are Machine Learning Analysts. From 2015 to 2018, the number of Machine Learning Analyst job vacancies increased by 344%, with a starting salary of US$146,085.

Machine learning is the appropriate career option for you if you are interested in data, automation, and algorithms. You’ll spend your days transferring enormous volumes of raw data, inventing algorithms to analyse that data, and then streamlining the process for improvement. Another reason why ML is so intriguing to work in? Within the industry, there are many different work opportunities. Working as a Data Scientist, Data Analyst, NLP Scientist, Business Analytics Programmer, or User Deep Learning Designer is possible if you have a background in machine learning.

People with ML abilities are in high demand and in short supply, which helps to explain why these professions are so valuable. Bidding wars for AI expertise have been reported, as digital behemoths compete for the best minds in the field.


Machine learning salary in India:

Machine Learning is in great demand, but firms expect employees to have the right skill sets. Engineers in this field are continuously in great demand. The list goes on and on. That is the key reason for the high ML salaries in India. The never-ending demand Furthermore, the bigger the income, the better the experience. According to Payscale, the average machine learning pay in India is around INR 686,281 per year, including bonuses and profit-sharing.


Factors Affecting Machine Learning Salary in India

  • Company – The salary you will earn is directly influenced by the firm for which you work. This is a good fact that the bigger the brand or company, the higher the potential remuneration. Let’s look at a few of the highest-paying positions: Tata Consultancy Services Limited provides a salary of over INR 4,42,000 per year. Intel Corporation, with a market valuation of INR 20,00,000, comes in second.
  • Experience – The more you’ve done it, the better you’ll be at seeing roadblocks and resolving problems quickly. A mix of experience and company will influence salary and jobs that make a difference. If you do have more experience, your remuneration package will be greater. As a result, whether you’re new to the industry, you’ll need to keep your expectations in check.
  • Location – Where you operate will have little to no influence on your pay in the coming years. Even yet, the remuneration you seek for it and receive from prospective employers will be influenced by your location. Even though Covid-19 may diminish the influence of location on pay in the future, location is still an important element in deciding machine learning compensation in India. Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley, has the highest pay, with Machine Learning professionals earning around 21% more than their colleagues in other locations. The national average is used to make the comparison. The other city vying for the title of Silicon Valley is Chennai, which provides incomes that are 5% lower than the national average.
  • Skills- The more your ability to comprehend, the more valuable your skills are. The location will have a big influence on how much machine learning compensation you get. As previously said, you must possess an excellent mix of skills to land the best-paying job in the very marketplace for ML engineers. You can make more money if you have certain talents. As a result, make a concerted effort to use these skills:
  1. Machine Learning – INR 706,169
  2. Python – INR 612,684
  3. Deep Learning – INR 754,250
  4. Natural Language Processing(NLP) – INR 697,670
  5. Computer Vision- INR 736,976

The worldwide Machine Learning market is expected to reach US$39,986.7 million by 2025, with a CAGR of 49.7% from 2017 and 2025. These figures show that the machine learning market is growing at an unparalleled rate. Companies will need to recruit competent ML Engineers as well as other Data Science workers to stay afloat in the market, given the increasing competition.

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