What is the place of Mary in the Church?

The New Testament speaks little of Mary. Nevertheless, we have enough indications to know her, to discover her profound attitude of a disciple of Jesus, his son, Son of God. This is the best of herself which shines through and illuminates our faith as Christians (…)
She recognizes in her son the Messiah, the envoy of God. In mother and in the disciple, Mary stands at the foot of the cross. Despite the condemnation of Jesus by men, his confidence remains.
Mary, mother of the Church
ohn, the evangelist relates one of Jesus’ last words: “Woman, here is your son”. Jesus entrusts theapostleJean to his mother. Then Jesus entrusts Mary to his disciple: “Here is your mother” (John 19, 25-27) Thereafter, Mary will be designated as the mother of Christians, of all those who recognize the Messiah of God in the guise of the crucified and proclaim his Resurrection. On the day of Pentecost, we find Mary present among the disciples. Since her initial “yes”, Mary has always shown perseverance in the faith. Over the centuries, Catholics have always seen in Mary the disciple ultimate. In her is manifested all that God can achieve in a human being welcoming the holiness of God.
Mother of God, Virgin, Immaculate
According to the tradition of the Church, Mary, the witness of the love of God can receive several titles:
” Mother of God ” (Council of Ephesus in 431). In Jesus, the Church recognizes God made man, it is an essential affirmation of the Christian faith. Because she is the mother of Jesus, Mary can be called the mother of God.
– “Virgo”. In fact, it is less a question of saying something about Mary, than about Jesus. He is the messiah, born not of a human will, but given by God to humanity, free of charge, in a totally new way. Jesus comes from elsewhere, it is said: “conceived by the holy Spirit”.
– “Immaculate”. From her birth, Mary is oriented according to the love of God, she is ready for the advent of Christ who came for the salvation of all men.
The assumption of Mary means that by living fully from the Holy Spirit, she has full access, by the special grace of her son, to the new and definitive world of Resurrection. Mary goes before us on the way of the saved in Jesus Christ. (…)
Mary praises the Lord God for what happens through her: the coming of the messiah. It expresses the gratitude of all men towards God because his love transforms the world according to his promise. To invoke Mary is to appeal to her closeness to Jesus, to her intercession with God. For generations, Catholics have confided to Mary their concerns, their concerns for the world, their desire to advance in the faith. Some people remember the events of the life of Christ by telling the rosary and reciting the “Hail Mary”. Everything that happens in the places of pilgrimage is of that order. Mary precedes us on the way. Before us, she lived her “pilgrimage of faith “.

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