What Is Instagram's Rage Shake Feature?

What Is Instagram’s Rage Shake Feature?

Ever get so frustrated with Instagram that you shake your phone in rage? You can send your feedback once you’ve calmed down.

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Do you ever find yourself so frustrated with Instagram that you shake your phone in rage? Well, you should be careful because that’s going to be an expensive mistake if it flies out of your hand.

But now there’ll be a positive to the phone shake. A message will pop up asking if you want to report a problem to Instagram. It’s a fun way to immediately give feedback to improve the service.

Shake Your Phone to Report a Problem to Instagram

Adam Mosseri, Instagram’s lead, announced the rage shake feature on November 17, 2021. He explains that if you ever find Instagram isn’t working how it’s supposed to (perhaps there’s no audio or the feed won’t scroll), you can shake your phone to bring up a feedback prompt.

“Did something go wrong?”, reads the prompt. You can tap to Report a Problem, which will be sent to the Instagram team. Ultimately, this feedback will help shape new features and solve bugs.

You can choose to toggle this feature off, if you want to shake your phone in peace. Simply select Shake phone to report a problem from the pop-up to disable it.

While the rage shake feature is new, the ability to report an issue isn’t. You can still access this the usual way through Settings > Help > Report a problem.

Mosseri also announced the new ability to delete an image from a carousel, even after you’ve published it.

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Instagram’s Rage Shake Isn’t Innovative

Rage shake is a fun feature for Instagram, but the company didn’t invent the idea. In fact, plenty of other apps let you shake to report a problem; Google Maps did it way back in 2012, so it’s not even new.

Indeed, major Instagram competitor TikTok has offered rage shake for a while. Who knows what Instagram will nab next?

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