What Is Apple Podcasts' "Listen With" Feature and How Does It Work?

What Is Apple Podcasts’ “Listen With” Feature and How Does It Work?

If you’re looking for a way to discover new podcasts, Apple Podcasts’ Listen With feature may be perfect for you.

With so many recommendations on the Apple Podcasts app, it’s easy to get stuck on which podcasts to try. However, Apple Podcasts has introduced a unique type of recommendations feature that might make this decision a little easier.

In January 2022, Apple Podcasts launched the “Listen With” feature that shows you podcast recommendations from celebrities and other public figures. But, how does this new feature work? Keep reading to find out.

Apple Podcasts Launches “Listen With” Feature

Unlike other recommendations on the app, “Listen with” isn’t based on your listening habits or the podcasts you are following. Instead, it solely recommends podcast shows based on what someone specific is listening to.

For instance, the first famous person featured is Jay Shetty, a best-selling author and famous life coach. If you’re a fan of his content, chances are you might be interested in what he’s listening to. Here’s how it works.

How Apple Podcasts’ “Listen With” Feature Works

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Curated by Apple’s editorial team, Apple Podcasts’ “Listen With” feature shows you what big, notable names in the media industry recommend. These include journalists, filmmakers, influencers, as well as other podcast creators. The idea is that you can listen to the podcast with them.

For example, the celebrity or public figure gets a dedicated hub within the Browse category of the app, wherein you can see their five podcast recommendations that you can also try. Think of it as a book club or an artist’s curated music playlist.


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In addition to recommended podcasts shows, each collection also has a special touch relating to the person featured. This touch includes a brief write-up about them, why they were selected, as well as quotes about why they chose each of the five podcasts they’ve shared.

The “Listen With” feature is available in the United States, Canada, and several other regions on the desktop app.

“Listen With” Gives You Podcast Recommendations From Notable People

Because there’s always a myriad of podcast shows to choose from, deciding which shows to try can be overwhelming.

However, if you’re curious about what your favorite journalists, celebrities, and creators listen to in their spare time, “Listen With” can make that decision a little easier. After all, your options are likely to be reputable podcast shows that the famous people featured swear by.

With “Listen With”, you can spend less time browsing through tons of content and more time trying the shows recommended by notable people.

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