What's Apple Digital Legacy and How to Bring a Legacy Contact on iPhone?

What is Apple Digital Legacy and How to Bring a Legacy Contact on iPhone?

Want to know What is Apple Digital Legacy and How to Bring a Legacy Contact on iPhone? Then you visited at the right place. In this article I have completely explained about Apple Digital Legacy Program.

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What is Apple Digital Legacy and How to Bring a Legacy Contact on iPhone

Long live our electronic legacy! If this thought has crossed your mind and you’re searching for a safe way to keep your legacy alive even after your death, Apple Digital Legacy at iOS 15 is here for you. Keep reading to learn what’s Apple Digital Legacy and the best way to bring a Legacy contact in your iPhone.

Apple Digital Legacy Program: Described! (2021)

Prior to going through the steps to enable the feature, let us first understand just what is Apple Digital Legacy and how it works!

What’s Apple Digital Legacy and How Does It Work?

Apple Digital Legacy ensures that your fond memories, including videos and photos, in addition to important files stay intact even after you’re gone. The program enables you to securely pass off your data to trusted friends or family members. Apple is now enabling you to add Legacy contacts to your iCloud accounts so that your relatives or friends can request access to your data upon your departure.

Apple Digital Legacy will be accessible on iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey to users after this year. Based upon your requirements, you can manage your Legacy contacts, keep track of your Access key, and also revoke access to the key by removing someone from your trusted contacts list.

What Data Can Legacy Contacts Access on Your iPhone?

As soon as you’ve added your friend/ family member as your Legacy contact, that individual will have access to information stored on your account after your death. Here’s everything your electronic Legacy data will include:

  • Messages
  • Photos
  • Notes
  • Contacts
  • Calendar events
  • Apps you have purchases 
  • Your device backup 

Remember that your trusted contact will not have the ability to get into your iCloud Keychain or some other licensed media.

How Will Legacy Contacts Access Your Information After You’re Gone?

When adding a Legacy contact to your accounts, Apple creates an Access Key that you will need to share together. After you’re gone, your trusted contact will need to provide a copy of your death certificate and the Access Key to obtain access to your information.

How to Insert a Legacy Contact in iOS 15 on iPhone?

Including a Legacy contact to an iCloud account in iOS 15 is straightforward. You can do it right from the Apple ID segment, so follow the steps below:

  1. Launch the Preferences program in your iPhone or iPad and tap your profile.

2. Now, tap Password & Security.

3. Then scroll down and select Legacy contact, then tap the Insert Legacy Contact button.

  1. On the Legacy Contact screen, tap Add Legacy Contact to proceed. Then, enter your Apple ID credentials and sign into your iCloud account.

5. Now, pick a preferred contact and tap Continue.

  1. Finally, choose how you wish to share your Access Key with a trusted Legacy Contact. Tap on the Print a Copy option and print the Access key if you would like to share a hard copy of your Access key.

Additionally, you can opt to send the Access Key utilizing email programs , Airdrop, WhatsApp, or other communication programs .

How to Manage Legacy Contacts on iPhone and iPad

Managing Legacy contacts on iPhone and iPad is just as simple. And yes, should you ever choose to remove someone from your trusted contacts list, you can do it well without breaking any perspiration.

View Your Legacy Contacts in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15

  1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad, and tap on your profile.

2. Now, select Password & Security

3. Then scroll down and select Legacy contact.

  1. You will realize your Legacy contacts listed here. Now, you should be wondering how many Legacy contacts can you enhance your iCloud account in iOS 15? Well, there does not appear to be a limitation on the amount of Legacy contacts. We could add up to ten contacts through our testing, and might still add more connections to the list.

View Access Key of Your Apple Digital Legacy Contacts

1. Navigate to Settings -> your profile -> Password & Security -> Legacy Contact.

2. Now, pick a legacy contact.

3. Next, tap on View Access Key.

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Remove a Legacy Contact on iPhone and iPad

Should you ever desire to avoid a contact from using your Access Key, you can do this with utmost ease.

  1. Head over to Settings -> profile -> Password & Security -> Legacy contact.

2. Now, pick the contact you do not wish to have the ability to access your personal data after your passing.

3. Finally, tap on the red Remove button. X access key will be removed and they won’t be able to access your accounts data once you’ve passed away.” Tap on Eliminate to confirm.

Request Access to a Deceased Family Member’s Account Data

Even though there is less clarity about the way the legacy contact can ask for a deceased relative’s accounts information, I guess the choice would be available from the Apple ID settings on iPhone and iPad. So, if you’re a trustworthy contact with your friend or relative, you can request their account information from that point. Additionally, there’ll also be a means to ask the account data from iCloud’s web app, as shown in the screenshot below.

Do note you will need the Access Key and the death certificate of the deceased to download a copy of the information. As iOS 15 remains a work in progress and will eventually start to all iPhone users this fall, we’ll update this section with step-by-step directions once the procedure to request legacy data can be obtained. Therefore, stay tuned for more information!

Apple Digital Legacy Program to Let Your Legacy Die

So, that is the way the Apple Digital Legacy application works. In an era where our apparatus are home to a multitude of information, together with unforgettable photos and videos, it is great to have the choice to pass down the information to a trusted person in your passing.

All the remarkable memories and personal files you’ve kept on your Apple apparatus over the years deserve a trustworthy shield to stay intact beyond your own existence.

What’s your state on Apple Digital Legacy? Make certain to talk about your ideas in the comments section below.

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