Watch Out for the Top Quantum Computing Communities to Join in 2022

Quantum computing

Quantum computing communities provide a platform for investigating how to compute with the full power of nature

Quantum computing has progressed from an experiment to a tool to an apparatus that is now making advances in the venture to tackle complex issues. Experts accept that the world has gone into the ‘Quantum Decade’ an era when ventures start to see quantum computing’s business esteem. The advances in equipment, software development, and administrations approve the technology’s momentum, which is making it ready for additional breakthroughs in 2022 and helps the market for the inevitable reception of this revolutionary technology. Quantum computing’s full potential is still unknown, but it is believed it reaches beyond our expectations. And until we have the hardware and a community of dedicated users, this potential will remain unexploited. Quantum computing communities provide everyone a platform for investigating how to compute with the full power of nature. It is always encouraged to join a quantum community for those who are new quantum learners and change the way we think about computing. This article lists the top quantum community to join in 2022. 


Quantum Community, IEEE

IEEE Quantum Community aims to tackle the challenges related to Quantum Computing, Information, Engineering, Algorithms, and corresponding Technologies. The Community includes researchers, scientists, engineers, and architects from industry, academia, and government. This is the first broad-based collaborative effort, bringing interdisciplinary exchange across a wide range of expertise, to rethink the design and function of Quantum Technologies to meet the future needs and challenges of cryptography, optimization, simulation, machine learning, and educational opportunities. is powered by the Strangeworks quantum computing platform. The community is fully integrated with the Strangeworks QC™ platform. It was built with the sole purpose of bringing the power of multiple quantum computers into a single place, making them accessible to whoever wants to use them. By joining this community you can create a project, can write your code, or start with the library of projects published by the community, collaborate with other developers, share your work with the community, etc. 


Quantum Community-IBM

The community offers developers open-source tools to harness the power of quantum computing, as well as educational offerings and events. The Qiskit open-source SDK is the leading platform for quantum development worldwide, and its active quantum developer community is the largest in the world.



It is a community for discussing Quantum Computing and Algorithms. Here you can run code right in the browser, even while you’re watching a video with no installation required. The experts have hand-picked only the most important topics and put together courses that make you an expert in weeks, not months. You can get through real-world projects from industry experts to build your job-ready portfolio.


European Quantum Computing Applications Community 

This community aims to become one of the main communication channels for researchers and enthusiasts across Europe working or simply interested in the field of quantum computing applications. It welcomes an open, inclusive discussion and fosters collaboration and networking by sharing news and announcements on recent research papers, community events as well as outreach and educational content or activities. All fields of quantum computing applications are eligible. It also encourages community members to submit their news and announcements for posting on their page. 


Quantum Computing community @Stuttgart- Meetup

This Meetup is supported by IBM Quantum and Qiskit. IBM Quantum leads the world in quantum computing, which aims to solve complex problems the world’s most powerful supercomputers cannot solve, and never will. It aims to bring its message to the world and show how you could work with Quantum Computers. IBM offers cloud access to the most advanced quantum computers available. You can learn, develop, and run programs with their quantum applications and systems. This Meetup is for everyone who would like to get more insights on how you could use IBM Quantum.


The Quantum Computing Community of Interest Summit

The Quantum Computing Community of Interest Summit is hosted by the Pistoia Alliance, Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C), QuPharm, and Quantum Practical Application Research Community (QPARC) quantum communities. This community aims to accelerate the adoption of quantum computing in the pharmaceutical industry. The most recent community survey identified the lack of relevant use cases as the biggest barrier to adoption. This session will tackle this by looking at quantum use cases from leading organizations, and include a panel discussion to explore potential next steps for the industry.

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