Watch Out for the Top 10 AI Platform for Business in 2022

by Aratrika Dutta

January 17, 2022


For businesses continually looking for ways to streamline their output, AI platforms come as a blessing for them

Artificial intelligence platforms enable businesses to achieve their maximum efficiency by providing numerous benefits, such as taking over redundant tasks, providing deeper insights into data for better decisions, providing efficient data management capabilities, and much more. With businesses continually looking for ways to streamline their output, AI-powered platforms come as a blessing for them. This article lists the top 10 AI platforms business in 2022.


C3 Artificial Intelligence

One of the top 10 AI platforms is C3 AI which focuses on providing AI software technology for the leading enterprises to accelerate digital transformation. This AI platform provides Artificial Intelligence Suite as a complete end-to-end AI platform for designing, developing, deploying, and running industrial-scale enterprise AI applications on different cloud platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, etc.



Dataiku is an AI platform that lets enterprises transform raw data into advanced analytics with effective data visualization. It has recently announced a fully-managed online version of the Enterprise Artificial Intelligence platform to drive growth in smaller enterprises efficiently and effectively. This tech company is also enabled to deploy a production-ready multi-node instance of Dataiku in the Microsoft Azure environment for different enterprises.



Datakeen is a well-known tech company that edits an enterprise AI platform with a hundred percent integrated solution. This AI platform consists of multiple modules with the integration of artificial intelligence. It provides ready-to-use models, control and role management interfaces, a workflow engine and adaptability.



Databricks is one of the leading enterprises Artificial Intelligence cloud data platforms for deploying advanced data science projects with artificial intelligence and machine learning in enterprises efficiently and effectively. This tech company is well-known for raising billions of dollars in Series G to drive the AI platform through business intelligence. It provides a single AI platform for different tasks such as ETL and multiple functionalities of artificial intelligence. Databricks is known for using four tools to create smart functionality Apache Spark, DeltaLake, MLFlow, and Koalas.



Dialogflow includes a specialized tool that can understand natural languages and converts them into specific conversation ideas. It also helps to enhance users’ experience by analyzing the entire interaction procedure with users. This particular AI platform is used to design numerous voices and text-based interactive applications. This Artificial Intelligence system supports any platform to operate it.


Google AI Platform

Google AI platform enables machine learners, data scientists, data engineers to deal with varieties of unfamiliar problems effectively. Furthermore, the Google AI platform has an inbuilt toolchain that can help businesses to build and run machine learning applications on their own. Besides, the Google Artificial Intelligence platform supports Kubeflow also. This open-source platform allows enterprises to establish ML pipelines. These ML pipelines can run in the Google cloud flawlessly without changing any prior codes.



GAiA is another best AI platform that is being launched by Tech Mahindra. This Artificial Intelligence platform is a collaboration between Tech Mahindra and AT&T with Linux Foundation. It is known for the E2E AI lifecycle management platform with pre-trained production grade models and the reuse of existing machine learning models.


DataRobot Enterprise AI Platform

The platform is used to prepare data for machine learning and Artificial Intelligence applications; automate the creation of machine learning and time series models, and centrally deploy, monitor, manage and govern production machine learning models. The DataRobot Enterprise AI Platform ​is available on multiple cloud platforms, as well as in on-premises environments or as a fully managed service.



IBM has launched IBM PowerArtificial Intelligence enterprise with different resources such as IBM support portal, IBM fixes central, IBM passport advantage, IBM Redbooks, IBM developer and IBM training. There are different hardware and software requirements to set up this enterprise AI environment. There is the automated installer as a beta function to automate some of the setups and install processes with the integration of artificial intelligence.



MindMeld uses specialized conversational Artificial Intelligence that helps businesses to upgrade voice & chat assistants relevantly. This Artificial Intelligence platform is available for both personal and professional activities. Moreover, users can interact with their customers through the latest voice and chat assistance with more appropriate responses. MindMeld artificial intelligence platform can be used to find music and videos according to the demand of the users.

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