Unlike the other Disney films , namely The Parent Trap

Unlike the other Disney films , namely The Parent Trap

This film was released in 1998, which tells the story of two twins, both played by Lindsay Lohan.

The reference to this film is certainly very interesting, considering that in the film The Parent Trap, it has a story of how two twins who are separated by circumstances and eventually meet in the same place.

Well, Wanda and Pietro’s conditions are the same. They are twins and were separated when Ultron killed Pietro and are now reunited to have a relationship.

4. Is Agnes really Agatha Harkness, a magician who is quite influential in the Marvel world ?

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Do you still remember the first point we discussed in this article? It’s still related!
If all the important actors in this series use their original costumes based on the comic version, it’s also appropriate to ask the same thing to Wanda’s neighbor. Is he actually a magician? Several indications point to this.

One of the magicians that Wanda is still associated with in the comic world is Agatha Harkness. This theory is quite buzzing among Marvel fans, if you use the analogy of the name Agatha Harkness if it is cut in the middle it can become Agnes.

In addition, in the Marvel comics, Agatha herself has a child named Nicholas Scratch. So if you remember, in the second episode Agnes admitted to having a pet named Senor Scratchy.

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Apart from that there are other things that make this a more complex mystery. If we remember clearly in this sixth episode, Vision realized that the closer people were to their boundary, the more like robots or statues they were.

Surprisingly, how could Agnes be able to drive a car in the boundary near the boundary field without being like a robot or a statue?

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Vision’s question about what Agnes was doing there has not been answered clearly. Even Agnes’s initial answer is quite interesting, “Town Square Scare”.

In the fifth episode, SWORD Director Tyler Hayward opens the CCTV when Wanda breaks into SWORD headquarters. On the CCTV, Vision’s body appears to be cut into pieces. In addition, in the fifth episode, Tyler also mentioned using Vision’s body as a weapon.

Allegedly, Tyler utilized Vision’s body as a new weapon. However, before he succeeded, Wanda rushed in and took Vision’s body. Allegedly, Tyler insisted on attacking Wanda because he did not want his secret to be exposed.

In this picture shoot, you can see that the Cataract project is a project that only Tyler Hayward has access to. Of course this makes the mystery in this series even more. What exactly is a Cataract, what kind of weapon is SWORD trying to create? Given the body Vision is the strongest metal on Earth, namely Vibranium.

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Maybe this is the reason why Hayward can also track Vision using GPS in real time.

6. The narcissistic WandaVision crew

When I saw this series, I was curious about the names that appear in this scene. This scene occurs when trying to send an email to Jimmy Woo who turns out to be his real name James Woo. While typing James’s name, three James names appeared, which frequently emailed each other.

It turns out that the name James Alexander is a VFX producer for one of the episodes on WandaVision, you can find this on the IMDB site which is famous as a reference for ratings or want to know the names of people involved in the world of film. As for the name James Gadd, based on the radar games site, he is a post-production crew for Marvel Studios.

This is not the first time a Disney production crew has included themselves in a film or series they have produced. Previously, it was once believed that two Disney cartoonists put their pictures in the film Aladdin.

In the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron , all the avengers are competing to be able to lift Thor’s hammer Mjolnir. At that time, Captain America could not lift Thor’s hammer. But it turns out, the Vision that was just created by Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Ultron and Jarvis can lift Thor’s hammer easily.

In this sixth episode, the reason Vision was able to lift Mjolnir was answered. He is indeed worthy!

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You see, when he was torn apart by trying to get out of The Hex, he was still thinking about asking for help for the people at WestView. From this it can be seen that Vision is not a selfish person .


So those are some important details you need to know about the sixth episode of WandaVision, which trended on Twitter after its release yesterday afternoon. Does anyone immediately understand the first time you see it? Please comment on your opinion about episode six of WandaVision, or can you share this article so that more people will understand!

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