Top AR/VR Jobs to Apply For in January 2022

by Disha Sinha

January 18, 2022

AR/VR jobs

There are multiple vacancies worldwide in AR/VR jobs for January 2022

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) jobs are in high demand in the global tech market owing to an immersive experience in different industries. Aspiring techies have started looking for AR/VR jobs in reputed companies to provide more customer satisfaction through cutting-edge technologies. Although AR and VR are two different categories, there are jobs with mixed reality or extended reality. Thus, let’s look at the top AR/VR jobs open in January 2022 for quick application.


Top AR/VR Jobs in January 2022

Software Design/Development-Firmware for Augmented Reality at Qualcomm

Location: San Diego

Responsibilities: The developer focus on augmented reality projects with a responsibility to develop and integrate for both research and commercial applications. It is essential to collaborate with a variety of internal teams with multiple engineering disciplines.

Qualifications: The developer must have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or Information Systems with more than two years of experience with programming languages and over eight years of software engineering experience. There should be more than three years of experience with API and database management systems.

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VR/AR Software Development at Xpoodle Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Location: Noida

Responsibilities: The role is to create remote applications in Unity3D targeting mobile AR while exploring new technologies and solving cutting-edge technical challenges. It is mandatory to keep updated about the latest improvements in augmented reality, virtual reality, MR domain, and developer POCs.

Qualifications: The software developer needs to have more than two years of Unity experience and the Unreal development pipeline domain. There should be proficiency with software tools and pipelines, C#, UE4 Blueprints, VR development, Git, and many more.

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Staff Software Engineer Backend- AR VR at Walmart Global Tech India

Location: Bengaluru

Responsibilities: The engineer needs to discover phases of large mobile engineering projects by interpreting strategy into sustainable mobility solutions. It is needed to troubleshoot business and production issues with the identification of short- and long-term solutions and timelines. The solutions need to be reviewed and approved while implementing new architectural patterns.

Qualifications: The engineer should have a BS/MS in computer science or any technical field with more than eight years of software engineering experience and over five years of hands-on experience in designing and building large distributed systems. It is essential to have more than four years of experience in relational or no-SQL databases with a proven understanding of micro-services-oriented architecture and extensible REST APIs.

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Architect I/II- AR VR at Philips

Location: Bengaluru

Responsibilities: It is needed to drive the development of 3D applications followed by a modern rendering pipeline in the cloud and on-premise environment, ensure testability of the design as well as support test-automation design. The architect needs to create architectural concepts and derive a technical roadmap. There should be an evaluation of tools and technologies as well as perform prototypes.


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Assistant Manager- AR VR at Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd.

Location: Mumbai

Responsibilities: The assistant manager should identify and implement AR/VR use cases in FD manufacturing plants while supporting the plants to enhance PQCDSM performance with AR/VR projects. It is essential to set up virtual environments for AR VR scenarios while implementing user interfaces with mock-ups and storyboards.

Qualifications: It is essential to have a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering with three to five years of work experience.

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Software Engineer UWP- Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality at Qualcomm

Location: Salzburg

Responsibilities: The software engineer needs to implement and test new features in the UWP of the Wikitude SDK and future XR toolkits while exposing new functionalities from the computer vision system within the XR toolkit. There should be software development from design to coding and testing as well as build demo experiences with functionalities of the XR toolkit.

Qualifications: There should be a Bachelor’s degree in any technical field with more than three years of hands-on experience with programming languages, over four years of software engineering domain, more than two years of experience with APIs and database management software.

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IOS Mobile Engineer-AR/VR at Walmart Global Tech India

Location: Bengaluru

Responsibilities: The mobile engineer should provide mobile engineering support to the business through user questions, concerns, as well as issues including forecasting for future technologies and identifying solutions for the developments. It is necessary to lead small project teams, and review and provide feedback for proposed solutions. The role is to enhance design to prevent any defect across multiple smart devices.

Qualifications: The engineer must have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or any technical field with more than three years of IOS and Android platform experience. There should be over two years of programming experience in Swift and Kotlin with more than one year of using ARKit or ARCore.

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