Top 12 Advanced 3D Printing Robots You Should Know in 2022

by manasa.g

January 17, 2022

3D Printing Robots

Have you ever thought about how can 3D printing can be used in robotics? Well to know how that, read below.

With the combination of 3D printing and robotics, researchers are designing robots with the latest technologies and adding different advanced functions into them. For instance, humanoid robots are the best example. These robots at times represent humans or at times they mimic humans in some of the other ways such as walking, talking, gestures, etc.… These robots are not just used for entertainment but also in doing chores, caretaking, medical applications, and many. In the below article, you can learn about the most advanced 3D printed robots.


Most advanced 3D printing robots include:


This is a 3D printed robotic arm which is simply called MK2 (make 2) It is a little bigger and stronger, just to obtain an acceptable payload. The main aim of this design is educational, providing suitable hardware that allows concentrating on exploring all its potential applications. A replaceable clamp with a quick coupler, internal cable routing in main big arms, vertical axis supported by spheres is some of its features.


Roboteurs RBX1 Remix

The entire robotic arm was made using 3D printed components. The electronics used are from Raspberry Pi and SlushEngine. SlushEngine is a Kickstarter-funded stepper motor driver board that can drive up to four steppers at once.


Little Arm

The LittleArmoriginal was the very first kit that was created in 2016. Then followed by LittleArm 2C in 2017. The LittleArm was a weekend project that has grown into a full-time project and business. It ensures that the arm can be rapidly changed and developed for different applications, without being constrained by molds.



The MeArm is a pocket-sized robot arm. It’s a project started in February 2014, which had an immensely fast Open Development as an Open Hardware project. It was designed with the economy in mind.



These robots are designed to assist nurses, childcare, and senior care workers in the support of children and the elderly. These are the first software able to give life to humanoid robots and make them available for senior health care use.



It takes several educational itineraries: mechanical design, automatism, industrial programming, etc. The project has been made and developed in order to make a move for the community’s progress.


Robotic Arm Edge

This robot commands the ‘Robotic Arm Edge’ for multiple movements and functions. It has made robotic arm technology more affordable without compromising quality. The robotic arm gripper opens and closes with its command.



It is a humanoid robot, constructed out of 3D printable plastic body components, and controlled by Arduino microcontrollers. It is developed for artistic purposes by French sculptor Gaël Langevin on September 20. It is reproducible with a simple 3D printer in small format (12cm3) and its files are under creative commons license.



Jimmy is the very first 21st Century robot, which is a decidedly bipedal robot that is highly intelligent and ready to learn. Its advanced architecture is a major step on the path toward truly intelligent humanoid companion robots.



Autonomous Support and Positive Inspiration Robot (ASPIR) is a full-size, 4.3-ft open-source 3D-printed humanoid robot.



It is a bipedal humanoid robot that has been developed by American robotics company Boston Dynamics. The robot was designed for a variety of search and rescue tasks from the stage, to imagine structure, materials, and new functionality.

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