Top 10 Robotics Companies to Follow on Twitter in 2022

by Aishwarya Banik

January 3, 2022


Artificial intelligence and robotics are taking over the world. Many of the world’s most successful industrial and technology firms would be difficult to manage without the use of robots

We’ve become accustomed to watching robots on TV, but they’ve now made their way into our industries, offices and even our homes. It’s not always simple to stay on top of robotics developments, which move at a dizzying pace. Robotics and AI machines are taking over the globe. Healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, education and defence are just a few of the areas that have adopted them. To name a few, autonomous mobile robots, no-code robotics solutions and assistive robots are all examples of engineering and science coming together to develop unique solutions. Robotics‘ versatility and competitiveness assist small and large organisations alike. Without robots, many of the world’s most successful industrial and technological companies would be impossible to operate. Other businesses can attain this degree of efficiency thanks to large robotics companies. Follow these 10 robotics businesses to get a better understanding of what’s going on in the machine world.



The iRobot Corporation is a US-based technology company that designs and produces consumer robots. It was founded in 1990 by three MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab researchers who were working on space exploration and military defence robots. Roomba, Braava and other self-cleaning robots are among the company’s products.


Rethink Robotics

Rodney Brooks, another of iRobot’s founding founders, launched Rethink Robotics, a robotics firm located in Massachusetts, in 2008. It’s best known for its Sawyer and Baxter robots, which employ force-sensing technology to improve the safety of robots in warehouses. RethinkRobotics recently announced a partnership with Shanghai Electric and has begun shipping Sawyer to enterprises around China to solve production bottlenecks.



NASA’s official humanoid robot, Robonaut, is now stationed on the International Space Station. Robonaut has shown to be a smart Twitterer, retweeting jokes and comebacks. “Hey @ESATelerobotics, I guess we all need to stretch our circuits a bit after the Thanksgiving dinner the humans had,” one tweet reads.


KUKA Robotics Corp

KUKA, a German firm, is one of the world’s major makers of industrial robots, with offices all around the world. Their main Twitter account has a lot of graphics of their robots in action, including photos and videos. KUKA is a German company that makes industrial robots and factory automation solutions. Since 2016, it has been mostly owned by the Chinese business Midea Group.


Soft Robotics Inc

When it comes to the future of robots, one little Boston-based robotics company may be on the money. Soft Robotics’ gel-like fingers are “excellent for grabbing,” according to Jim Lawton of Rethink Robotics, who previously told TechRepublic that “research and innovation in the field of grippers and hands are still a work-in-progress.” It is a firm to pay attention to.


3D Robotics

Unmanned aerial vehicles and other tiny robotic equipment are 3D Robotics’ specialities. Last week, their Twitter account was busy pushing drone purchases on Black “Flyday.” With 54,000 followers on Twitter, it’s safe to say that this company, co-founded in 2012 by Wired’s former editor-in-chief Chris Anderson and 19-year-old Jordi Muoz, has taken off.


Liquid Robotics, Inc

This is the Wave Glider’s Twitter account, which claims to be the first “wave and solar-powered autonomous ocean robot” capable of collecting data from beneath the waves. Liquid Robotics is an active tweeter and retweeter, with photographs from the field frequently posted.


Yaskawa Motoman

Yaskawa, which was founded in 1989, is one of the largest robotics firms in the United States, with over 600 people and 300,000 Motoman robots wandering the globe. They’ve “introduced more innovation in robotics than any other firm,” according to their Twitter bio.


FANUC America

Factory automation numerical control, or FANUC, has offices in Japan, Europe, and the United States. FANUC’s latest robot, the CR-35iA, was founded in 1972 and is a safe, collaborative robot that is prepared to compete with comparable robots like Rethink Robotics’ Baxter.


Harvest Automation

Harvest is a major agricultural robotics company that employs robots in vast warehouses. Joe Jones stated that the demand for warehouse robots became clear when Amazon purchased Kiva Systems for US$775 million. Harvest’s new warehouse robot, which is slated to hit the market early next year, will be a direct competitor to Kiva.

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