Top 10 Quantum Computing Jobs to Apply For in February 2022

Top 10 Quantum Computing Jobs to Apply For in February 2022

by Adilin Beatrice

February 5, 2022

Quantum Computing

If you are looking for quantum computing jobs, join online communities and meetup groups to learn more 

One good thing about the growth of technology is that it opens the door to many new jobs. Starting from artificial intelligence to business intelligence, all digital trends have their own set of opportunities that only professionals can fill. In fact, many companies have started enrolling people for diverse tech jobs that nobody has ever heard of. Quantum computing is one such technology that is unleashing new roles across every sector. Although quantum technology has a long past, the development we have achieved so far is very little compared to others. Therefore, companies working on quantum computing technology are recruiting candidates who will fit their esteemed quantum computing jobs and requirements. In order to land in a quantum computing role, aspirants should have tech knowledge, expertise, ability, and network to make a lasting impact on this nascent field. Since humankind has already experienced Quantum 1.0, now it is time to gear up the world for quantum 2.0, which is a more advanced level of tech improvement. If you are looking for quantum computing jobs, join online communities and meetup groups to learn more about the technology before entering the sphere. In this article, Analytics Insight has listed the top quantum computing jobs that aspirants should apply for in February 2022.


Top Quantum Computing Jobs to Apply For

Quantum Computing Evangelist at Honeywell

Location(s): Minnesota- United States, Virginia

Roles and Responsibilities: As a quantum computing evangelist at Honeywell, the candidate will be working within the company’s sales and business development team, actively engaging with the quantum community and clients to promote CQ’s quantum compiler, which helps users within the quantum ecosystem to get the most out of today’s quantum hardware. He/she will focus on developing relationships with some of the world’s largest global companies, research institutions, and governments. They will also embed themselves within the various quantum communities, actively speaking at conferences and events to articulate the benefits and use cases of the company’s technology. 


  • The candidate should own a B.Sc degree. 
  • He/she should have at least 8+ years of professional working experience in the quantum computing, algorithms, and compilers field. 
  • They should be familiar with the implementation of quantum software on near-term quantum hardware. 

Apply here for the job. 


Quantum Computing Evangelist at Amazon

Location(s): Bengaluru, India

Roles and Responsibilities: The quantum computing evangelist is expected to build advanced solutions leveraging AWS Quantum Computing services, working closely with the company’s customers to deeply understand their business needs and to design technical solutions that take advantage of the AWS Cloud platform Quantum Computing services. He/she should demonstrate the viability of each solution through mechanisms like proofs-of-concept and/or prototypes. They should build ‘Quantum Computing and Cloud Computing, better together’ best practices, and develop a strong partner go-to-market strategy. 


  • Ph.D. in Physics or Engineering or any STEM-related field is mandatory. 
  • The candidate should have 7+ years of experience working with a few technologies including quantum information science, advanced machine learning, probabilistic modeling, optimization, sensor fusion, and/or scalable computing systems. 
  • He/she should demonstrate the ability to work with multiple technical and stakeholder groups to bring a complete production solution. 

Apply here for the job. 


Quantum Computing Research Scientist at HSBC

Location(s): San Francisco, United States

Roles and Responsibilities: HSBC is seeking an ambitious individual to join their team as a quantum computing research scientist, working together with colleagues to define, manage, and achieve divisional business targets. On a normal working day, the candidate should carry out original research, based both on their ideas and relevant areas of the bank that may benefit from a quantum advantage. He/she should author manuscripts and see them through the publication process. They should communicate progress and disseminate results. The candidate should act as a subject matter expert for their area, provide knowledge sharing sessions, and through leadership. 


  • The candidate should hold a Ph.D. in Quantum Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, or a related field. 
  • He/she should have basic knowledge on research topics in quantum information and quantum algorithms. 

Apply here for the job. 


Quantum Computing Scientist at Brookhaven National Laboratory

Roles and Responsibilities: As a quantum computing scientist at Brookhaven National Laboratory, the candidate is expected to work closely with quantum computing researchers at BNL and in the larger community on exciting scientific projects of interest to DOE and other Federal Agencies. He/she will design and carry out original research in quantum technologies with an emphasis on modeling and experiment analysis for qubits utilizing superconductive circuits, and silicon devices. They should develop, implement, and utilize data-driven approaches for the optimal design of experiments on qubits technologies. The candidate should develop proficiency with using quantum computing platforms and simulators. 


  • The candidate should own a Ph.D. in Physics, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, or related field.
  • He/she should at least have 2 years of working experience post their Ph.D. experience. 
  • Demonstrated knowledge of quantum computing and/or quantum information science is mandated. 

Apply here for the job. 


Experimental Quantum Computing Physicist at Keysight 

Location(s): Massachusetts, United States

Roles and Responsibilities: The job will be part of the communications solutions groups, which is responsible for Keysight’s portfolio in the Wireless Data Ecosystem, including wireless devices, operators, internet infrastructure, and aerospace and defense. As an experimental quantum computing physicist at Keysight, the candidate will join the R&D team insight the company’s Quantum Engineering Solutions (QES) organization, which is responsible for producing world-leading solutions for the challenging and exciting market of quantum technologies. He/she will work with physicists and engineers around the globe, driving innovation across Keysight’s quantum solutions.


  • Ph.D. degree in Physics, Electrical Engineering, or equivalent field is mandatory. 
  • The candidate should have 4+ years of experience working with experimental quantum systems in industry or academia. 
  • He/she should be proficient in Python. 
  • They should have excellent analytical and troubleshooting skills. 

Apply here for the job. 

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