Top 10 Programming Languages Best for Big Data Projects

by Disha Sinha

January 17, 2022

Programming languages

Big data projects need top programming languages for achieving success in 2022

The term ‘big data’ is flourishing in all different sectors across the world in these recent years. Organizations have recognized the power of big data to attract consumers as well as revenue through in-depth insights. Meanwhile, programming languages such as Python, Java, and many more are in high demand from developers and programmers for smooth functioning of applications and websites. Thousands of aspiring data scientists or other data professionals are looking for trending and popular programming languages for big data projects. Hands-on experience on multiple projects on big data can provide sufficient knowledge of programming languages as well as big data concepts. Thus, let’s explore some of the top ten programming languages for big data projects in 2022.


Top ten programming languages for big data projects


Python is one of the trending programming languages for big data projects in 2022. This programming language is used for creating end-to-end big data projects efficiently and effectively without any potential error. The big data community is using this programming language for big data projects because it is open-source, has high-speed code development, and is object-oriented with data processing support as well as multiple Python libraries.



Big data projects can be created by Java for integrating projects with enterprise tools. It provides a wide range of tools and it is popular in the big data community that big data projects cannot function without Java. Java is preferred for writing production code to use and scale big data algorithms. It provides a broader user base with huge flexibility.



One of the best programming languages for big data is R programming. It is popular for being open-source software, effective data analysis, and provides a suitable environment for statistical analysis. It provides multiple statistical and graphical functionalities with functions that help data scientists in data exploration as well as data visualization.



C++ is one of the powerful languages for big data projects for its ability to enhance processing speed as well as allow system programming. It helps in writing big data frameworks and libraries for efficient workflow. C++ is popular for processing more than 1GB of real-time data in a second. Data analysts can save electric power with less capacity than the other programming languages.



Scala is one of the top programming languages for big data projects in 2022. It is known as the scalable language as an open-source with a robust static type system for projects on big data. It is popular for integrating the functional as well as object-oriented features to pass functions around as variables. It helps big data projects to describe algorithms at a higher level of abstraction.



The big data community knows that Julia is different from other programming languages for big data projects. Big data projects can leverage the type system as well as multiple dispatches from Julia. It is used as a tool to create packages with enhanced productivity while maintaining the utmost existing performance. It offers a pool of functions as a general-purpose language, scalability, as well as and effective management of multiple tasks at the same time.



JavaScript is a highly popular programming language for projects on big data owing to its ability to process large datasets to run simultaneously without any error. It offers a wide range of core features with the usual data types. The programme can also make multiple choices with the body and the condition of a big data project. It is emerging as the mainstream big data programming language for its JavaScript libraries such as D3.js, Chart.js, Sigma.js and many more.



SQL or structured query languages is a well-known programming language for big data projects. It can be used for performing multiple operations on the data and a key API to various projects. It helps in data extraction from databases in data warehouses and big data technologies. SQL provides immense help in the effective management of unstructured data with multiple commands and data models.



There are multiple big data projects with MATLAB specialization. MATLAB helps to explore and prepare real-time data for effective data analysis with sufficient tools and functions for managing large datasets efficiently. It is known for offering specialized tools for machine learning, NLP, and many more domains. MATLAB is easily known for easily integrating into big data applications.



Go is a short-term for Golang and is emerging as one of the fastest-growing programming languages for big data projects. It offers Golang big data processing to create and develop reliable and efficient software. It is known for using different database methodologies as well as techniques for effective data management with a greater speed. It helps in data collection, data visualization, and parallel processing applications.

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