Top 10 Kids Coding Languages To Teach Your Children In 2022

by Apoorva Bellapu

January 16, 2022


The fast-evolving technology has made it easier for us to lead our lives. We have become dependent on technology to the extent that today, it is practically impossible to live without it. All this throws light on why learning how to code is no less than a life skill these days. With that being said, starting to learn how to code at a young age can never go wrong. Considering how competitive the world is, we have come up with a list of top 10 kids coding languages to teach your children in 2022. Keep reading!



Python is an excellent start for your child to step into the world of programming. This is because Python stands the potential to offer your kid a basic understanding of how programming generally works. It is an easy programming language that features a dynamic type system and automatic memory management.



HTML is yet another ideal programming language to let your child start with as it lends your child a sense of accomplishment on having learned languages that form an important part of most programming concepts. This easy-to-learn programming language has wide usage in web designing.



If your child is interested in web development and design, then there cannot be a better programming language to rely on than JavaScript. With this object-oriented and procedural programming language, your child can actually see something on the web page and how it is being put together.



Java, an objective-oriented and easy-to-handle programming language, has gained wide recognition for developing apps for the Android platform. Minecraft, one of the most popular games, is majorly coded in Java. This turns out to be a motivation as to why kids would want to learn Java. All in all, this language is great for developing apps and game engines.



Swift is yet another programming language to start teaching kids how to code. The reason is simple – Swift programming language requires minimal coding while offering advanced features. Also, the guidelines here are quite easy for kids to understand.



C++, though a little complex and time-consuming, has got everything to make it to the list of top 10 kids coding languages to teach your children in 2022 and beyond. This programming language gives kids a very deep understanding of programming and a thorough understanding of programming principles.



Golang (Go) has a simple structure and syntax, something that kids look for. This simple, easy-to-learn, easy to maintain, cheap, fast coding language has started to make waves in the industry. With its popularity continuing to rise, it is quite evident that Go is just as good as a coding language for kids as Python.



Scratch is considered to be one of those programming languages that have succeeded at providing a solid foundation of programming principles for kids. Scratch is exclusively used to animate characters, create games, and build apps, thereby allowing kids to integrate creativity.



Blockly is yet another kids’ coding language that has enjoyed wide acceptance over the years. This language makes code both readable as well as easy to manipulate thus helping kids in boosting their confidence. Additionally, it is user-friendly and easy. What more does your child want?



Lua, a lightweight coding language, is known for its ease of embedding, and rapid execution. This is an ideal programming language for kids who aim to pick up a language in the least possible time. Kids who are interested in game programming can never make the wrong choice with Lua.

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