Top 10 Indian Companies taking Robotics to Next Level

by manasa.g

February 1, 2022


Robots are everywhere now and many companies are leading an immense role in taking robotics to the next level

Robotics is taking over the world. They are now into every industry namely the healthcare industry, defense, education, agriculture, and many others. Robotics uses different technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, coding, programming languages, and many others to improve its functions and applications. Across the globe, there are 300,000 robotic engineers who are striving to discover some of the other new robots. Talking about India, there are many robotic engineers, developers, programmers, creatives here too. There are numerous robotics companies in India too that are playing a vital role in taking robotics to the next level.

According to the statistics, it is said that 99% of the robotics startups fail but, the other 1% of robotics startups now are ruling the world, and in those 1% of the companies include Indian companies too. It’s the dream of many robotic engineers to have a startup and introduce their product into the market. Robotic companies are now using artificial intelligence, machine learning, Coding, Big Data, and many other technologies. To represent all such successful Indian robotics companies that we are taking robotics to the next level here’s the article.


Top 10 Indian Robotics Companies

FANUC India – Bangalore, Karnataka

FANUC is one most renowned most demanding organizations in CNC and Robot markets. It has established in the year 1992 in Bangalore. It provides the Indian market with the top range of FANUC products and services. It is one of the top companies that provide solutions, especially for CNC.


Invento Robotics – Bangalore, Karnataka

This company has founded in the year 2016. Invento Robotics produces service robots for malls, banks, and events. It includes special technologies such as speech recognition algorithm, face recognition, and navigation indoors. Balaji Viswanathan is the current CEO of Invento Robotics.


Gridbots Technologies Pvt. Ltd. – Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Pulkit Gaur is the CTO and founder of Gridbots Technologies. Gridbots is an innovative company that works in the field of nuclear, space, and industrial robotics. They develop systems that are smart efficient and robust.


Wipro PARI Robotics – Pune, Maharashtra

Precision Automation & Robotics India Private Limited (PARI) is one of the largest global automation companies across the globe. It has 1200+ employees. It utilizes its expertise and resources to bring the best solutions and robotics to its customers.


Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz Ltd. – Gurgaon, Haryana

The robotics company has been founded in the year 2004. It is focused on developing products in art autonomous, driver-assistive technology, and mobile robots for both people and material transportation keeping in mind the next generation of mobility.


Wow Labz – Bangalore, Karnataka

Wow Labz is a turnkey product development company. The employees which include developers, designers, growth hackers are energetic and completely committed to building apps that astonish people across the globe. Wow Labz is one of the top robotics startups in India.


Nyros Technologies – Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh

Nyros is a web design and development consultancy. The company has exceptional designers, developers, and creatives that help startups from product ideation to success. Nyros main focus is on building human-centered apps.


NeoITO – Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

NeoITO comes up with different solutions who are in need. They empower and encourage startups and entrepreneurs with the right technology. Their products have been adopted by some of the biggest companies such as Facebook, LinkedIn, IKEA, Ubisoft, and the list goes on.


Teksun Inc – Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Teksun provides complete end-to-end product development. It not just completes but also guides you through the entire process. The services provided by Teksun include Firmware Development, Technology Research, Product Engineering Services, and much more.


Fusion Informatics – Bangalore, Karnataka

The company has established in the year 2000 and has been in business for 22 years. It has worked with SME & F500 companies. It has broad knowledge about various industries in IT sourcing and application development. The company has been managed by executives with a technical team of numerous computer programmers. It has been recognized for its work in enterprise mobility, artificial intelligence, blockchain, internet of things and it is a trusted global software development company.

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