Top 10 Data Science Venture Capital Investors in 2022

by Aratrika Dutta

January 27, 2022

Data science

Once a startup has reached its growth stage, it requires backing from reliable venture capital investors

Powered by specialized software and real-time analytics systems, big data, data science, and data analytics caters to numerous benefits for companies worldwide. Thus, the demand for big data firms has been increasing exponentially. There are various emerging AI and data science startups that are raising funds. Once a startup has reached its growth stage, its most important requirement is undoubtedly the backing of reliable venture capital investors and an ample amount of funding to scale up. Though the concept of starting up has gained momentum recently, the small number of investors willing to show their trust and invest in new ventures has been a problem for startups. Keeping that in mind, this article lists the top 10 data science venture capital investors to look out for in 2022. 



Accel, previously known as Accel Partners, is a venture capital company based in the United States. Accel chooses their company portfolio based on businesses that will drive us into the next decade, based on their 30 years of experience. Accel has an impressive track record of discovering and creating a global ecosystem of excellent entrepreneurs, having supported businesses such as Dropbox, Etsy, Spotify, Facebook, and Slack.


Andreessen Horowitz

Andreessen Horowitz is a popular venture capital company in the field of artificial intelligence. They’ve raised $7.1 billion through 7 funds, all of which are committed to assisting tech entrepreneurs in their development, as well as offering expert guidance from their diverse team of engineers, executives, business experts, and academics. They also have a bio fund dedicated to advancing AI in the medical sector to aid in disease prevention and treatment.


Bessemer Venture Partners

Bessemer Investment Partners is a venture capital company based in the United States. The company aims to invest in seed companies and early-stage firms. The company prefers investing in the fields of consumer, cyber security, clean technology, power, healthcare, financial services, mobile, computer security, cloud computing, and software.


General Catalyst 

General Catalyst is a venture capital company that focuses on transformational and early-stage investments. General Catalyst invests in outstanding entrepreneurs who are developing market-leading tech firms and enterprises, such as Airbnb and BigCommerce.


GV Management 

GV, previously Google Ventures, is Alphabet Inc’s venture capital investment arm. It assists technology firms with seed, venture, and development capital. The company works independently from Google and makes investment decisions based on financial considerations. GV is looking to invest in startups in several areas, including the Internet, software, and hardware, as well as artificial intelligence, transportation, and cyber security.


Intel Capital 

Intel Capital is a division of Intel Corporation that invests in a variety of technology start-ups and oversees acquisitions and mergers. Gamalon, a machine learning platform for teaching machines, and Syntiant, a company that makes neural decision-making chips to accelerate computer efficiency and eliminate battery consumption, are among their investments.



M12, previously Microsoft Ventures, is a corporate venture capital division of Microsoft. It focuses on applied AI, business applications, infrastructure, security, and vanguard technologies while investing in early-stage enterprise software companies.


Sequoia Capital 

Sequoia Capital is a technology-focused venture capital company based in the United States. It invests in both public and private firms. The company focuses on private company incubation, seed stage, startup stage, early-stage, and growth-stage investments. As a result of the coronavirus market harm, Sequoia Capital announced in March 2020 that it will open a fundraiser for about US$7 billion for its new package of venture capital funds, checking investor appetite for technology start-ups in the US and Southeast Asia.


Source Code Capital

Source Code Capital is a venture capital firm in China. It primarily invests in technology firms that specialize in fields such as artificial intelligence and financial technology (FinTech). It invests in sectors such as media and entertainment, consumer services, enterprise, banking, retail, transportation, housing, education, and healthcare, with an emphasis on its “Big 3” fundamental drivers which are Internet+, AI+, and Global+ (China-angle companies in the global stage).


Y Combinator

Y Combinator has a fantastic model for investing small sums of money in a wide range of tech startups, with a strong focus on AI and machine learning. May Mobility, a self-driving shuttle company; Lyre Bird, a voice synthesizing AI company; and, an enterprise customer support engagement platform, are among the alumni of Y Combinator’s new AI fund. 

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