Top 10 Autonomous Vehicle Companies Competing with Tesla in 2022

by Sayantani Sanyal

February 1, 2022

Autonomous vehicle companies

Autonomous vehicle companies are making strides to provide a safe and sustainable driving experience

Autonomous driving has moved from the realm of science fiction to a very real possibility in recent years. This is largely due to the massive advancements in radar technology and microprocessor capacity. Autonomous vehicles have been under development for quite a long time now, and several companies have emerged as the pioneers in developing new and innovative features to these autonomous vehicles that are making this class of automobiles more advanced and agile. Among all the companies, Tesla has emerged as a leader in producing electric and autonomous cars. The company has showcased record-breaking innovations in this domain and has established itself as a competitor to beat in the future. Tesla competitors are adding new features to their autonomous cars to compete with the company, and also among themselves to provide the best services to the target audience. Naturally, this means unexpected, new, explosive innovations in the domain. In this article, we have listed the top autonomous vehicle companies that are also the top Tesla competitors for 2022.


General Motors

As one of America’s oldest automobile producers, General Motors is one of the top competitors of Tesla. The company has taken several strides to position itself as a leader in the autonomous vehicle market. GM has partnered with several other tech companies to fulfill the needs of the customers. The company aims to introduce autonomous vehicles that can help lead a safe and less congested traffic in the future.


Hyundai (KIA)

Hyundai and KIA are considered as one of the biggest threats to Tesla. Hyundai is the parent company of KIA. Apparently, for every new Hyundai model, a new KIA model follows. While not too much is known about KIA’s future plans to adopt automation, it is evident that the company plans to adopt 11 EVs by 2026, and this should pretty much portray Hyundai’s plan for the future. Hyundai and KIA’s models are pretty much stocked up with advanced features and will prove to be a great competitor for Tesla. 



Volkswagen has been developing electric cars for nearly a decade now. Its models named ID.3 and ID.4 hatchbacks have been available in the European and American markets for quite some time now. The company is expanding its presence in the US and is also heavily investing in charging stations via the Electrify America network. It has created quite a buzz with its updated version of the classic VW minibus, something that Tesla does not offer. 


Ford Motor

Ford is another solid competitor against Tesla. Recently, the company declared that the team is making strides in expanding its reach towards the electric and autonomous car domain. Ford partnered with the South Korean energy firm to build manufacturing hubs in Tennessee and Kentucky. 



The company considers itself to be the future of intelligent, automotive companions that recognizes the moods, desires, and preferences of the drivers and passengers and proactively predict operating steps. The company already produced electric cars that run the roads with greater safety and swiftness. Its model EQS is a direct competitor of Tesla. It is a luxury sedan that is similar to the Tesla Model S, with an EPA-estimate range of about 350 miles.



Rivian is a startup that might pose great competition to Rivian. The company is set on developing electric adventure vehicles. Rivian’s pickup trucks provide more range and towing capacity than the Tesla Cybertruck, although they have a more traditional pickup design. Rivian’s competition with Tesla also extends to the charging stations. The company wants to expand its EV capacities and move further towards the wilderness. 



Waymo is an upstart from Google that aims to fully launch autonomous rides for the public. The company platform has been selected to power the future Level 4 self-driving car, and currently, the team is on its journey to develop its fifth-generation autonomous driving stack with new and cost-effective sensors. The company is also planning on expanding its fully autonomous ride-sharing service that is piloted in Arizona.



Porsche is one of the most popular automobile brands in the world. The company promises electromobility without sacrificing a high-performance driving experience for the drivers and passengers. 


Argo AI

Argo AI is focused on building trustworthy self-driving technology. The company believes that self-driving technology can impact global cities in a positive way where access to safe and reliable transportation. Major autonomous vehicle producers have invested in Argo AI to promote safe and enjoyable transportation.


Honda Motors

The team of Honda has already decided on its way to building the future in the electronic vehicle domain. The company already built its EV prototypes long back and is planning on developing this technology more by 2030. 

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