These 5 Websites Help You Create Checklists Online for Free

These 5 Websites Help You Create Checklists Online for Free

Groceries, reminders, and to-do lists. There are plenty of reasons why you might find yourself in need of a checklist in one form or another, but what do you do when there’s no pen and paper in reach?

Worse yet, what happens if you accidentally leave that piece of paper behind? With online checklists, this fear is a thing of the past. Online checklists come with so many features you’ll begin to wonder why you ever wrote things down at all.

Here are five of the best online checklists you can access entirely for free.

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First on this list comes Checkli, a free online checklist suitable for any situation. With its clean UI and easy-to-use interface, Checkli is a great place to get started with online checklists.

By default, Checkli will create the bare bones of your checklist for you. The service will use the current date as your title, though this is easily changeable. From there, all you have to do is enter whatever it is that needs checking off.

You can rearrange these options by click-and-drag, or add further details such as descriptions and subheadings. Some of these options require you to sign up for a free account if you want to use them, however.

If you want to share your checklist with others, such as a grocery list with your partner, then you can do that too. Checkli provides you with a link you can use to share your checklists with anyone (or yourself on another device), who can access them without an account.


A Screenshot of's Landing Page

If you’re looking for something with a little more power or some different pricing options, then might just have what you’re looking for. provides an online checklist service with a wide variety of features. Attaching documents, syncing checklists across the cloud, and shareable links are all prominent features among many others.

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One of the more interesting of these features is its extensive template library. breaks these templates down into a considerable range of categories. This allows you to quickly and easily create what you need without needing to start completely from scratch every time. is entirely free, but provides more features for users who are willing to subscribe to its service. There are a variety of different price points here with different features available.

If you’re looking for something which allows more users, more storage, checklist archives, better integrations, tags, or folders, then these premium pricing options might just be worth considering.

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If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more than just a checklist, then Workflowy might just be right for you. Workflowy at its core is a document organized by bullet points. In this sense, Workflowy is a very simple checklist.

Where Workflowy differs, however, is in how it approaches this. Instead of requiring you to create different checklists and documents to keep track of everything, Workflowy is a single, infinite document which stores everything for you.

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So, how does that work? Every bullet point on your Workflowy list is actually its own document. You can click down into it to see it this way, or expand it to keep it as part of its parent document.

At first, this may not sound too different from some other checklists. If you use Workflowy for a little bit, though, you’ll start to get a feel for what it can do.

Workflowy also has a premium option for those of you who fall in love with it, which gives you the option for more bullet points per month, unlimited file uploads, and more expansive sharing options, among other features.

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Todoist is an online checklist service which focuses on helping you to organize your life. It does this by helping you create and organize checklists not only for the day, but the future as well.

One way Todoist accomplishes this, for instance, is by allowing you to set different priority levels for the tasks on your checklist. You can set important tasks to be highlighted in red, or tasks associated with work in one color and your home in another.

Todoist also allows you to customize your lists in a way that’s perfect for you. You can restructure your lists into boards if you prefer them that way, or give them various labels to help better organize them.

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If you’re more concerned about productivity, Todoist has you covered there as well. You can access your productivity visualizations by week or month to help track your goals. These include helpful graphs and stats to keep you on top of your work.

Todoist is also incredibly well integrated. If you’re looking to use Todoist as an app, you can do that. If you’d rather an extension in your browser, Todoist supports that as well.

If you find yourself making use of Todoist frequently, then you may want to consider one of its premium plans. These plans give you access to more projects, larger uploads, reminders, and more.

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Finally, we have Listmoz. Listmoz is a super simplistic, pared-back checklist service. There are no sign-up options or extra features here, which is perfect if you’re looking to quickly jot something down.

Listmoz is a checklist in the truest sense of the word. The website generates a unique code when you visit it. This way you can share it with whomever you so choose.

Apart from that, Listmoz’s features are limited. You can print the list or email it if you need, but otherwise, it is simply a checklist.

Listmoz excels when you need to quickly create a more temporary list instead of more continued use.

Checklists Don’t Have to Be Online

Hopefully, you’ve managed to find a service here to help you with your checklist woes. With so many good options available, and with all of them completely free, there’s something for anyone if you just know where to look.

But online isn’t the only option. There are plenty of other ways to structure your checklists in order to maximize efficiency, and more to think about when doing so.

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