The 7 Best Sites to Find Unique Art for Your Home

The 7 Best Sites to Find Unique Art for Your Home

There’s nothing better than warming up your home with artworks that represent your style. But a lot of art you’ll find in chain stores can be bland and boring, and a lot of us want unique pieces that you won’t find anywhere else.

This is where the internet comes to the rescue. There are hundreds of sites out there offering gorgeous artworks for affordable prices, but which are the best? Here are seven of the best sites you can use to find unique art for your home.

etsy art search page screenshot

Etsy is an amazing option for finding unique pieces made by small business owners. Whether you’re looking for clothing, homeware, beauty products, or just about anything else, Etsy’s got you covered. And, when it comes to artwork, you won’t be short of choice on this website.

Regardless of your preferred art style, you’ll surely find the piece for you on Etsy. You can find canvas paintings, prints, collages, murals, and posters, all of which vary widely in price, so you don’t have to worry about your budget.

On top of this, you can even have personalized artworks made for you by Etsy’s fantastic artists.

Want an oil painting of your cat, or a print of you and a loved one? Simply use the site’s search bar to find the perfect style of personalization for you.

If you happen to be a budding artist yourself, you can also sell your own art on Etsy. Thousands of people have built their small businesses using this great site, so why not give it a go yourself?


minted art graphic prints section screenshot

Minted offers a diverse and exciting marketplace in which you can find a wide array of different art styles. From graphic prints to canvas paintings, Minted ensures that you won’t be short of choice.

While you can find artworks that are made in bulk, Minted also offers original pieces that you won’t find anywhere else.

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Like Etsy, Minted offers custom art, too. Whether it’s a personalized pet portrait or family painting, you can find a style that suits you on Minted.

On top of this, Minted has a section showcasing art from black artists, in which you can find some truly stunning works from passionate creators. So, you can show off gorgeous art pieces in your home while supporting marginalized individuals!

But Minted doesn’t stop at art. The site also sells stationery, home decor, and amazing gifts for your friends and family. When it comes to the creative and eccentric, Minted has it in the bag.

jungalow artwork section screenshot

Jungalow is a fun and funky website that offers gorgeous items made by a range of talented artists. You can find home decor, furniture, and gifts on Jungalow, all of which are super stylish and authentic. But let’s get to the most exciting part: the art.

While browsing on Jungalow, you can view art from the website’s featured artists, or just shop all the art prints available. These prints range in their appearance, from abstract portraits, to motivational quotes, to groovy landscapes.

You can also find simpler black and white prints if you’d rather have a more minimal piece.

Jungalow also sells a selection of unique apparel pieces made by designer Justina Blakeney, as well as some stunning ceramic and clay plant pots. You could totally decorate your home with the myriad of unique pieces up for grabs on this site.

artsy search result screenshot

Artsy is truly a one-stop shop for just about every kind of art movement out there. This website showcases works from a considerable range of artists, with pieces that range from minimal, to traditional, and to outright bold.

You can use the site’s search bar to search for a specific piece by entering the work or artist’s name, or you can browse their selection of pieces based on price, style, or medium.

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If you’re looking for something beyond wall art, Artsy also offers a selection of sculptures and ornaments. Whether you’re looking for a modern piece of art, or something a little older, you’ll surely find the right item for you on Artsy.

What’s more, Artsy has also taken the jump into the wonderful world of blockchain technology with its range of NFTs on offer. Most of these digital artworks have a 1 ETH bid minimum, which currently amounts to around $2,500.

So, if you’re interested in buying an NFT with Artsy, make sure you’re aware of the current price conversion before putting in a bid.

saatchi art featured works section screenshot

Saatchi Art is another solid option for finding the perfect artwork for you. You can find a gorgeous piece for your wall using Saatchi Art, or an intriguing sculpture for your coffee table.

You can search through the site’s multiple categories, making it easier to find an item that suits you, or browse through their featured paintings to see which pieces are hot right now.

If you’re not looking for painted or drawn artworks but still want something to display in your home, check out Saatchi Art’s photography section. Here, you can find breathtaking landscape photos, colorful portraits, and abstract shots that’ll catch your eye.

Like Artsy, Saatchi Art also has a range of funky NFTs on sale, inspired by the infamous self-portrait of artist Van Gogh. This collection is called “The Other Avatars”, and can be found on OpenSea.

drool bold prints section screenshot

Drool has a focus on prints and posters, which range from muted and subtle to bold and eccentric. Whether you want a futuristic landscape or a psychedelic mind-bender, Drool has the piece for you.

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This site is more geared towards those who are into funky art, rather than those who want a serene landscape or traditional portrait.

And, because Drool deals with prints and posters instead of paintings, drawings, or similar, you can grab a number of great items for a very affordable price. There are also e-gift cards and mystery bundles on offer if you want to get a loved one something special.

tappan art selection screenshot

If you’re looking for original artworks, Tappan is the site for you.

You can choose from Tappan’s list of different style categories to find pieces more suited to what you’re looking for, and the number of filters you can use ensures you’re staying in your size and price range.

Tappan also offers a wide array of sculptures and funky neon lights, though many of these pieces are pretty abstract, and so aren’t suited to everyone’s preferences. If you’re not looking for artwork, check out Tappan’s photography section to find bold, minimal, and traditional photo styles.

If you want to know more about who is creating the pieces you buy, take a look at Tappan’s comprehensive list of all the artists whose works are featured on the site. It’s always nice to get a closer look into the face behind the work.

Add A Splash of Creativity to Your Home Using These 7 Sites

With the sites above, you can find incredible pieces that correlate with your style and preferences quickly and easily.

Whether you want to spice up your walls, add a few more ornaments to your surfaces, or even get started in the NFT market, these sites let you keep your options open and discover movements you’d never thought to look into before.

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