The 7 Best Apps for Checking Sports Scores on Your iPhone

The 7 Best Apps for Checking Sports Scores on Your iPhone

Regardless of which sports you follow, you’re likely to benefit from apps that help you keep on top of the latest scores. Sport can be a welcome distraction in a busy life, but the chances are you won’t have the time to watch every game. In that scenario, these sports scores apps are even more valuable.

1. Sky Sports Scores

Covering all major games, this app pulls live scores and delivers a news feed based on the teams and competitions you’ve chosen to follow. You can choose your favorite team, track live scores, and view fixtures ahead.

The app’s design is sleek. While each tab is packed with information, it manages to feel uncluttered and simple to navigate. Sky Sports Scores also offers a Video tab that has a regularly updated feed of short videos covering transfer rumors, goals and assists of a particular player, or highlights of games. The app is essential for any sports fan who wants to keep on top of the action despite being busy.

Download: Sky Sports Scores (Free)

2. FlashScore

It may not be as sleek as other sports score apps out there, but FlashScore is packed full of scores from every sport across every competition. Its main draws are the ease of navigation and the impressive database, though it’s not so easy on the eye and lacks the fluidity of apps such as Sky Sports Scores.

By tapping the Menu, you can select from sports such as Football (of Soccer), Snooker, Golf, and Basketball. But it also includes lesser-known sports such as Floorball, Kabaddi, and Bandy.

You can select your favorites across any sport and competition to have a personalized stream of scores and standings. If you follow multiple sports and want one place to do it, FlashScore is worth installing.


Download: FlashScore (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. LiveScore

LiveScore covers scores and fixtures across Football (or Soccer), Racing, Cricket, Tennis, Basketball, and Hockey. The app has in-built Dark Mode, making it easy on the eyes. Navigation is fluid and the app’s tabs never feel cluttered, despite the number of fixtures on the screen.

By using this app and live sports streaming websites, you can ensure you’re keeping in the know about the latest developments.

As with the Sky Sports Scores app, you can use the News tab to keep up with the latest news stories of your chosen sports. You can also watch videos covering rumors, results, and highlights on the Watch tab. If you’re into betting, you’ll appreciate the in-built integration with LiveScores Bet. The sports scores app will give you odds on the result, helping you to decide what bets to place on which games.

Download: LiveScore (Free)

4. BBC Sports

The BBC Sports app is filled with News Stories, Fixtures, and Scores from pretty much every sport out there. Featuring an A–Z of sports in its database, the app is regularly updated across the board, meaning you never have to wait for a result for your sport of choice again.

The app is easy to navigate and responsive. You can add teams and sports to your Favorites, allowing you to view a personalized stream of stats and news about the teams and sports you care about the most. You may run into region-locked pieces of content now and then, but this won’t affect you from keeping up with the latest sports.

Download: BBC Sports (Free)

5. Tribe

Tribe keeps it simple for you to stay up to date on the latest sports scores across various sports, such as Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, and more. Using multiple mini-apps and a few nested menus, it’ll take a bit of time for you to get used to the layout of the app. Fortunately, it has a Tutorial that makes this easy.

You can mark certain sports and teams as your favorites in order to refine your feed down into the most relevant to you.

What sets Tribe apart from the other live sports score apps is that it has a Friends section, allowing you to keep up to date with friends and their predictions for upcoming games. This adds a community element to the sports you’re interested in, similar to how online fantasy sports work.

Download: Tribe (Free, in-app purchases available)

6. ScoreStream

ScoreStream combines social media, news, photos, and videos to help keep you connected to all the latest sports and games that are happening. With a fluid, easy-to-navigate app design, convenience and accessibility are the app’s main benefits.

By allowing the app to know your location, it will automatically generate fixtures and live scores from the teams that are closest to where you live. The impressive database covers even the local teams you don’t think would get any coverage. Even more impressively, you can filter the competition type by Pro, Semi-Pro, College, High School, and more to help you find a specific local team you’re searching for.

Download: ScoreStream (Free, in-app purchases available)

7. FotMob

Keeping up with the latest soccer stats, matches, scores, and tables can be hard when you have so much else going on in life. FotMob keeps it all in one place, allowing you to keep up with the latest results so that you know what’s going on.

By enabling Push Notifications, you can get updated on live scores as they happen. Not content with solely providing scores, this app has a dedicated News tab as well. By tapping on the More menu, you can view the Transfer Center, that tells you about the latest soccer transfers.

FotMob keeps a simple, uncluttered app design with very clearly labeled tabs on a bottom menu for navigation. You can follow multiple teams and competitions to see a stream of results related to them displayed on your feed, and these can be changed at any time. The app even gives you some reasonable amount of customization via Settings, allowing you to change the Theme, Currency, and more.

Download: FotMob (Free, in-app purchases available)

Best Live Sports Scores Apps

Keeping up with sports scores doesn’t have to be complicated. There are plenty of solid, easy-to-use apps that can make this simple and ensure that you’re always up to date.

Apps like the ones covered here are just a small way that technology is benefitting sports, but there are also much more significant ways in which it’s growing and improving the industry.

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