The 7 Best AI Meeting Assistant Apps You Should Use

The 7 Best AI Meeting Assistant Apps You Should Use

Artificial Intelligence can help you in all the online meetings you attend. For that, you need to use some robust AI-powered meeting assistant tools.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is now everywhere, and even the meeting assistant tools are using it. AI-based meeting assistant apps are not only a great help during meetings. These also contribute significantly to post-meeting workflow automation.

Continue reading to learn about the best AI meeting assistant apps.

Sembly is a free online meeting assistant that uses AI-driven technology. It not only transforms your meeting discussions into searchable text, but also analyzes operational meeting data to offer you actionable insights.

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From the meeting transcription, this app highlights key items. It also generates meeting notes by extracting actions, issues, and requirements discussed in the meeting. You can seamlessly search, edit and share the meeting transcriptions.

Moreover, Sembly recognizes your voice, learns your vocabulary, and understands your commands to react to them. You don’t even need to download Sembly to use it. Invite it to join the meeting using email or meeting link, or you can sync the app with your calendar.

Fireflies is another free AI assistant you can use to record and transcribe your voice conversations across any web-conferencing platform. You can go through the transcriptions later for quick reference.


Apart from these, it lets you add comments or highlight specific sections of the meeting to collaborate on crucial moments with teammates. You can also save time using this app that allows you to search across action items to review a meeting.

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If there is an existing audio file, upload it to Fireflies dashboard for instant transcription. You can easily integrate this tool to Zapier or dialers to process audio and calls. A Chrome extension of the app is also available to capture the meetings from the browser.

Fathom is a free-to-use meeting assistance app that assists remote teams in enhancing their performance. While this app records your Zoom conference call or virtual meeting, you can click on the link visible on your screen to highlight that segment of the meeting.

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As soon as the call ends, access to the fully transcribed call recording instantly, along with all the moments you highlighted. Instead of the meeting notes, you can share these highlights with your colleagues.

Fathom also supports integration with popular apps like Slack, Salesforce, and Hubspot. You can also migrate auto-generated summaries of call and action item summaries to platforms such as Gmail, Google Docs, Notion, Asana, and Todoist.

Those who want to make the meetings more actionable should go for the Avoma app. This free meeting lifecycle assistant offers features that work before, during, and after the meeting.

It supports video conferencing platforms, including Zoom, UberConference, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans, and Lifesize.

The app produces transcription and AI notes for both audio and video meetings so that you can focus on conversations. Thus, your conversations turn into a searchable knowledge base for the organization.

Besides automatically identifying the speakers, Avoma offers insights on talk time and the talk-to-listen ratio of each participant, you can use to analyze employee performance.

Using this tool, you can take notes in real-time and edit them with your teammates at the same time. It time-stamps notes and links them to the meeting recording.

Notiv is an intelligent and collaborative note-taking tool that can record, transcribe and summarize online meetings. This free app saves time a team invests in making meeting notes and thus, drives business outcomes.

This tool synchronizes with Google or Office calendar automatically. It records your scheduled meetings irrespective of the platform. Besides, it offers you the real-time transcription of the meeting.

On top of these, it utilizes AI technology to create action items and tasks automatically for all meeting attendees with speaker ID. Thus, your meetings turn into searchable records that you can review anytime to understand the context of a decision.

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Teams can use this app with various virtual meeting tools, including Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, WebEx,, and Slack.

Are you still taking meeting notes manually? Switch to Otter, a free AI-powered assistant that’ll help you by generating meeting notes. Moreover, you can use this tool for taking notes for any other important voice conversations, including lectures and interviews.

It takes productivity and collaboration between team members to a new level with its intelligent features. The software joins online meetings automatically and records the conversations before sharing them with participants.

You can also review the recorded meeting transcript in real-time. Moreover, you can play, search, edit, organize, and share the recordings from any device.

While going through a long recording, you can skip silence and speed up the playback to save your time. Furthermore, you can search across the meeting notes or view all its instances using a summary keyword. Otter supports Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

If you’re looking for an AI meeting assistant that’ll reduce the number of ineffective meetings and help the team do the best of their work, Hendrix is your go-to tool. This efficient and simple app assists professionals with its features like organizing and recalling meeting notes and action items.

Now, you can get rid of distractions caused by note-taking during a virtual meeting, as this software will automatically transcribe the conversation and generate its summary.

It also highlights the trending topics by scanning the transcripts. Also, you’ll notice an improvement in accountability among your colleagues, as the tool will highlight actionable items and their due dates.

Hendrix works with the most popular conference platforms, including Zoom, UberConference, JoinMe, GoToMeeting, WebEx, and other dial-in platforms. All you need to do is call it from your unique dial-in phone number using the conference tool.

With the next-level organization feature of this tool, you can search meetings data stored in a dashboard using meeting dates, people, places, and topics.

AI for Advanced Meeting Assistance

As you can see from the above discussion, these AI meeting assistant apps can streamline the meeting-related tasks of an organization. These tools can automate different manual tasks and allow your teammates to focus on more important work.

You can choose any of the mentioned tools to assist you in a meeting. If you want to automate other workflows, you may incorporate AI-powered productivity apps.

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