The 5 Advanced Chrome Settings You Should Be Using

The 5 Advanced Chrome Settings You Should Be Using

While Chrome is one of the most popular browsers out there, not everyone knows about Chrome’s advanced settings that make it even better. You may not have the time to follow every single update, or you may not use these settings often.

But Chrome’s advanced settings have options that can help improve your browsing experience. So, here we’ll take a look at some of the most useful advanced settings you can change.

How to Access Advanced Settings in Google Chrome

If you’ve never accessed Chrome’s advanced settings before, it might sound like a daunting task. But the truth is, it couldn’t be simpler.

To access Chrome’s advanced settings, click on the three dots and select Settings from the menu and select the Advanced option on the left sidebar. The section will expand to reveal the advanced settings. But which ones should you change?

1. Languages

You can choose a language that is used to display Google Chrome’s UI, as well as another that’s used for translating pages. You also have the choice to add languages, and order languages based on your preference.

Languages Settings Preview

Moreover, turn on the option to translate pages that aren’t in languages you read to save yourself the hassle of translating them manually each time. If that doesn’t work for you, you can also disable it.


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You’ll also find spell check options here in advanced settings. You can opt for Basic Spellcheck or Enhanced Spellcheck to check the text that you type in the browser. Not only that, but you can pick the languages you use, in addition to customizing your spell check experience.


While your default location for saving downloads is Downloads, you can change the default location under advanced settings.

Downloads Advanced Settings Preview

If you’re unable to make up your mind, and you’d like to save downloads in different folders each time, you can just enable: Ask where to save each file before downloading.

3. Accessibility

For readers with visual disabilities and impairments, navigating the web isn’t easy. Designed to enhance user experience and accessibility, Chrome advanced settings let you add a host of accessibility features from Chrome Web Store.

Accessibility Advanced Settings Preview

In addition, you can enable live caption. Automatic audio and video captions will be created for you each time you browse the web, watch a video, or scroll through your web results. You can also set caption preferences by customizing font size and style.

That’s not all! You can enable options that show a quick highlight on the focused object, or help you navigate pages with a text cursor.

4. System

Advanced settings in Chrome also lets you enable computer’s proxy settings or use hardware acceleration when available.

System Settings Preview

Using hardware acceleration aids your browser in loading results faster, and working more smoothly. As for the proxy settings, it improves private and secure web browsing by setting up a firewall and web filter.

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You can also enable or disable the option to have background apps running after you’ve closed Chrome.

5. Reset and Clean Up

You’ll find the options to restore settings to their original defaults under advanced settings.

Reset Settings Preview

Moreover, did you know that Chrome can help you find harmful software and remove it from your computer? You can report details of harmful software or processes as well.

Browse Better With Advanced Chrome Settings

You can use these advanced settings to improve the accessibility of the web, or to just make your daily life more convenient. There’s no doubt that some of these settings can come in really handy for you, and give you a browsing experience that’s more efficient.

If you want to find more ways to improve your browsing experience, you can try out some experimental and hidden advanced settings from “chrome:flags//.” Every time you add a flag, remember to relaunch your browser to load the settings. If you don’t like how it performs, you can always go back and disable the flag.

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